5 digital platforms to watch movies legally

The coronavirus gives us more time to watch movies, series and documentaries. So, let's get to know some alternative streaming services to Netflix.

Computer with the Amazon Prime Video logo.

There are different alternatives to streaming services that you can take advantage of in times of quarantine. / Photo: Rawpixel

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The COVID-19 pandemic implies that people are long in their homes. Apart from the fact that many are working under the modality of home-office, the time for leisure is increasing. That is, there are many people who want to spend it on the couch watching their favorite films, for example.

This can be seen reflected in what Infobae explain, since Netflix has such a high demand in Argentina, it had to lower the quality of the broadcasts to reach as many users as possible. In other words, there is a community waiting to be able to tune in to some series and movies, but it cannot support that much.

So, we note that many subscribers will want to find an alternative to this platform to ensure the quality of the audio and video. Plus, it will be useful to find content that is not available in the catalog. Let's see, then, what are some of the alternatives of legal video streaming services that exist today.

1. Amazon Prime Video

In this case, we are talking about a subscription service to Amazon Prime, where you can access different services, including the audiovisual content catalog, which is quite interesting in scope. This is why many people pair it up in a showdown with Netflix, due to the popularity of both platforms.

As we mentioned, the content is constantly varied and renewed. According to the specialized website Culture Leisure, in the month of April, the fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead, the sixth season of Vikings or movies such as Game Night or Ready Player One will arrive on the platform.

2. Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is one of the newest on this list. It is a platform launched on November 12, 2019, where the main bet is based on the original and exclusive content of the platform.

Despite not having too much starting material, the Cupertino company opted for dystopian series such as See, the comedy from The Morning Show or the anthology Little America. It may be worth exploring the catalog of this platform a little, which holds great promise for the near future.


HBO GO is an exclusive subscription service where you can find works excellently received by critics. The most popular of all of them is surely Game of Thrones, which ended its last season last year, but also continues to garner a huge number of fans.

However, the company also delights us with productions highly valued by specialists, such as Euphoria, Chernobyl or Westworld. All of them have very good analyst and user scores, as with the last one, which IMDb values with 8.7 stars out of 10.

4. Qubit TV

QubitTV is a Video On Demand platform for Argentina and Uruguay, which is positioned as an ideal alternative for moviegoers, since there is a huge variety of independent, author and classic period cinema.

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It is a more targeted variant for those who like “cult” films, that is, those that target a smaller audience and are not very large in terms of audience.

5. Pluto TV

In the latter case we move to a free legal alternative to view a huge catalog of content. According to El Clarín, this free streaming platform has 24 channels focused on different topics, with the addition of advertising to support the material.

In other words, a wide variety of channels are broadcast here, including BS Studios, Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount, Sony Pictures, among others. All instant programming is divided into categories, with a website and application that don't even require registration.