5 sports documentaries you can't miss

Regarding the new Michael Jordan's documentary and the Chicago Bulls, we recommend five sports documentaries that you should watch.

Frame from the trailer for the documentary 'The last dance' and 'The hidden murderer: In the mind of Aaron Hernández'

Do not miss these 5 documentaries about athletes. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix Latin America

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Due to the pandemic that we are experiencing, many film releases have been canceled, released directly to streaming platforms or, at best, the production companies have decided to advance their release. The latter is the case of the documentary that Netflix brings to basketball fans: "The last dance", which talks about one of the best times in the sport, by the hand of the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan, which stood out in the NBA in the 90s.

According to ESPN, the documentary was going to be released in early June, to coincide with the NBA Finals, but due to the suspension of the season due to the Covid-19, it was decided to advance its premiere to 20 April.

In addition, as explained in an ESPN statement, the producer preferred to advance the release date at the request of millions of followers, including Lebron James, who celebrated the next premiere on his Twitter account. The series will have ten episodes in which viewers will be able to see the process of how the Bulls managed to conquer their sixth ring.



1. The least expected day

The six-episode documentary closely follows the Movistar Team during the different competitions of 2019. The producer, Telefónica Broadcast Services, shows for just over three hours the access to the routine of cyclists and focuses on the three most important contests of the sport: the Giro d'Italia, the Tour de France, and la Vuelta a España.



In addition, spectators will be able to see the tour not only in Europe but also in some places in Latin America and also hear the testimonies of sports directors, accompanying staff, and of course, the testimonies of cyclists such as Nairo Quintana, Alejandro Valverde, among others.


2. The hidden murderer: In the mind of Aaron Hernandez

One of Netflix's star documentaries, and one that gained popularity as its premiere was close to the Super Bowl, talks about one of the Patriots' most promising players: Aaron Hernandez.



Hernandez, the team's tight end, was sent to prison for being involved in a murder. It is then that the three-episode documentary investigates the events and goes beyond crime, as it also mentions the physical consequences of the sport on the players.


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3. Losers

Have you ever thought about what it means to lose in sports? Well this Netflix documentary may have the answer. 'Losers' explores life after defeat after a major competition and how athletes cope with it. The eight chapters that compose it show different stories of various sports.



The focus of the documentary is different and the 20 minute chapters make it easy to watch. In addition, to being fun and implement resources that complement the testimonies of athletes. A good option to rest while you work or study.

4. Running for good

This documentary, the only Amazon Prime exclusive on this list, tells the story of marathoner Fiona Oakes as she prepares for the Des Sables Marathon, one of the most extreme competitions on the planet.



In the documentary you can see the preparation of the ultramarathon runner, who is one of the most recognized athletes in this discipline as she has broken several records such as “the fastest woman in the Antarctic marathon and the fastest time to complete a marathon on every continent and at the North Pole”, according to Runner's World. The viewer knows a little more about the life of the athlete and her preparation.


5. Cheerleaders in action

Finally, another of the jewels of Netflix in this 2020. It is a documentary of six episodes that tells the story of one of the best university animation teams in the United States.



Through this we forget about the films on this subject that we have been able to see, and we focus on the Navarra team, on their student lives and the long training sessions before the final competition in Daytona. Its popularity was so great that several of its protagonists appeared on different American talk-shows .