Justin Bieber and other news of the week

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Here are the five most important entertainment news of the week. 

Justin Bieber, frame from the series 'Rick and Morty' and Prince Charles of England.

We present you the most relevant news of this week. / Photos: instagram.com/justinbieber, youtube.com/Adult Swim, instagram.com/theroyalfamily

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As it is Friday, we have gathered and summarized the five most relevant news of the entertainment industry of the week so that you begin the weekend informed and updated on the most notable info about the world of cinema, music and celebrities. There will be, of course, news about the coronavirus, the celebrities affected and some release dates to distract the mind or reflect on our new situation. Here they go.


Justin Bieber cancels his tour Changes

This Wednesday, April 1, Justin Bieber announced through his social networks that he would cancel his tour Changes, which already had fixed dates and had been announced last month to celebrate the artist's return to the stage with his new album after his last tour was canceled due to his emotional problems. Now it is due to the public health crisis around the world, which worries the artist a lot, who prefers not to put his team and fans at risk.


Rick and Morty new season announced

Adult Swim, the studio producing the Rick and Morty series, announced, as it always does, during April's Fool Day, the premiere date for the second part of the fourth season of its animated hit. We had already seen the first part which consisted of five chapters in December, and now we will see the second part on May 3. It will also consist of five chapters. Meanwhile, the first three seasons are on Netflix and HBO so you can catch up on this eccentric series.


Queen Elizabeth with COVID-19?

After it was announced that Prince Charles had COVID-19, throughout the week the rumor spread that Queen Elizabeth II would also be infected with the pandemic virus, as she would have been in contact with her son Carlos and with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. , who also suffers from the disease. On Wednesday of this week, however, Prince Charles reappeared after his diagnosis to say that he and his mother were in good health and that he had already finished his period of self-isolation.

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New Amazon Prime feature for quarantine


Una publicación compartida de Amazon Prime Video US (@amazonprimevideo) el

Streaming services have benefited from the situation that forces us all to stay at home. However, they have not taken their success for granted or stopped innovating. Amazon Prime Video, Amazon's streaming service, announced this week it's new feature: Now anyone can rent a movie or series and only pay for it, without paying a full month's subscription. Thus, people will pay for specific content and not for a catalog. In this way, you can rent that series or movie that had been impossible for you to see in quarantine.


Comic-Con stands

It was also announced this week that the largest Comics convention, Comic-Con, will be held on its initial dates: July of this year in the city of San Diego, California. The organizers affirm that they are confident that the situation there and the contagion curve of COVID-19 will flatten to the point of being able to carry out the event. For now, then, it will not be canceled.