Canceled Netflix series that deserve a second chance

There are some series that did not continue on the platform. Let's see which ones deserve a second chance.

Frame from the series 'The OA' and 'Anne with an E'.

Some series that have been canceled deserve a second chance. / Photos: youtube.com/netflix

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The coronavirus affected the consumption of content by users. Many streaming platforms, including Netflix, have seen their popularity increase in recent days, as people can spend more time at home and watch more series and movies on the service.

However, it also happens that many productions were temporarily paralyzed or canceled . This was mentioned by the newspaper El Cronista, which reports that Netflix suspended the productions of their series in Canada and the United States, as is the case of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which is in the pre-production stage.

This decision is based on the impossibility of recording due to the pandemic. However, the streaming platform also canceled "for its own pleasure" other series throughout its history, many of which were well received by critics or viewers, something that happened with the cancellation of the vampire series V- Wars, according to the ComputerHoy website. Let's see, then, other cases that deserve a second chance.


Everything Sucks!

This one seemed to be a true Netflix success, portraying the story of a group of teenagers from the 1990s. However, they decided to end production after the first season, despite the fact that several people were happy with the story.

Basically, it was about young people from Boring, Oregon, who go to school and have to get money to start a movie. Therefore, they go through different situations of the time, discovering their sexualities or some important mental health issues.


Ann with E

From the media La Vanguardia they had commented that the series had been canceled in its third season without having delivered a definitive ending, which prompted its creator, Moira Wallet-Beckett, to try and buy the rights to be able to make a movie.

Remember that this is a period drama based on the Anne of Green Gables book, which tells the story of Anne, a young orphan who has an enormous passion for books, but also for nature until she finds a home in Green. Gables, overcoming different adversities.


The OA

This is one of the cases that most resonated in the community of fans, since The OA was highly valued by users. Here we see the story of a woman who reappears after several years after being lost, calling herself "The OA" (The Original Angel), with a strange premise.

However, that's not all: prior to this situation, she was blind, so something happened to make her regain her sight from one moment to the next. The funny thing is that many people fell in love with this story and even many admitted that it had a good quality. However, according to what the specialized hypertextual media comments, the decision was based on budget cuts.

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Jessica Jones

Finally, we see a Marvel production that ended after the third season. Here we were told the adventures of a superhero and detective, who faced different villains in the setting of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which currently belongs to Disney.

Well, according to what is discussed in Hobbyconsolas, this was the reason for its cancellation. In other words, Netflix did not want to continue paying for the rights to Marvel superheroes, which would be transferred to Disney Plus, so the plot was not continued.