Top 5 free online courses to do in quarantine

Quarantine is an ideal time to learn new things. Let's see what are the best free courses on the Internet.

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Several companies have decided to accompany people through the web by offering free courses. / Photo: Unsplash - Nick Morrison

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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The coronavirus pandemic causes many people to stay isolated at home. Despite the fact that there are people who study, work or do both at the same time (all at a distance), others want to take advantage of their free time to do productive things, something that companies know.

Many of these companies decided to launch a series of free courses, so that they can increase their user base and offer specialized content during this time. We have compiled the best from different disciplines. Here they are:

1. Pixar animation course

It is one of the most interesting of this collection, since, according to the newspaper El Destape Web, we are talking about the studio owned by The Walt Disney Company. In this case, all fans or interested in animation can learn at no cost thanks to the Khan Academy, which will serve as virtual support.

A series of tutorials will be shown with everything you need to enter the world of animation. It will go from simple aspects, such as the possible recreation of a good storytelling (the art of creating stories) to the daily work of filming or creating worlds of Pixar itself.

When we are children we always dream of being in the world proposed by these studies and now we have the possibility of creating them. Then, combining art with mathematics and web applications, we will be taught different tools, such as articulating and modeling characters, creating environments and scenarios in 3D or some aspects of rendering.

The best thing about all this is that all the courses are in several languages. In addition, it is aimed at the novice, although advanced knowledge is also included, so anyone can enter and enjoy all this content from the comfort of home.

2. Nikon photography course

Are you passionate about photography? Well, you can learn this art from one of the most famous companies of all. According to what the Universe website comments, the Japanese company generated an incentive for all those who are complying with the quarantine, expanding their professional course.

All the modules cover basic and complex aspects of image capture, lasting from 15 minutes to 1 hour, divided into 10 lessons. In addition, it is complemented with essential information to edit videos, which will allow you to get a freelance job once you finish your training.

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3. Duolingo language course

Learning a language opens doors and in this app there are different possibilities such as English, Portuguese or French, among many others.

Through a series of didactic courses, you will be able to understand the basic aspects of languages. It is available in Android and iOS, in addition to a web version.

4. Fender Musical Instrument Course

La Tercera reported that the music company Fender offers a free three-month course, where there will be online guitar classes, ideal for those who cannot hire an instructor for confinement.

In addition to these lessons, different instruments, such as ukulele or bass will be learned, from the simplest to the most complex. If you never played the old guitar that you have in your house, it may be the opportunity to start.

5. Gastronomy course, from the Mariano Moreno School

La República reported the Mariano Moreno School of Gastronomy will offer free cooking classes taught by teaching chefs, all through the Facebook Live platform.

The idea is to accompany people during social isolation, offering different guides and tips to prepare specialized dishes. Basic aspects for those starting in the kitchen will also be addressed.