Latin Fortune: 7 Latin American billionaires on the Forbes list

We review the presence of each Latin American country in the Forbes list of "Real Time Billonaries", which includes 2,153 people

Luis Carlos Sarmiento, Juan Carlos Escotet and Carlos Slim.

Forbes polished the 'Real-Time Billionaire' list, among which are 7 Latin Americans. / Photos: Wikimedia, twitter.com/BanescoPanama, ITU / I. Garcia Miranda

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When it comes to economics and finance, Forbes, a magazine specializing in money and business, as well as investigative journalism about financial riches is always taken into account. Its fame is due to its economic lists and rankings, making it the leading business magazine in the world, with just over 100 years of experience. Its most popular ranking is the list of billionaires in the world, which includes those people who exceed one billion dollars, in which 7 Latin American nationalities participate. Who are they? We present them to you.

Carlos Slim - Mexico

The renowned 80-year-old Mexican businessman is also the Latin American with the highest position on the list in recent years. For example, in 2019 he ranked fifth among the world's billionaires, while he is currently in 16th place, with a fortune valued at $ 49.1 billion. According to the Milenio newspaper, Slim's fortune is mainly due to the telecommunications business, with properties such as Telmex, a Mexican telephone and Internet company, as well as Telcel.

In addition, Slim owns other important investments such as Grupo Carso, a conglomerate of companies dedicated to the telecommunications, construction, and energy industries, among others, and he also participates in the entertainment and music sector with the Sanborns Group. The Mexican magnate also owns the bank, Grupo Financiero Inbursa, with more than 11 million clients and 365 branches. Finally, the New York Times is also part of Slim, since 16.8% of the shares belong to the Mexican.

Joseph Safra - Brazil

Millonario brasileño Joseph Safra compró Gherkin, un edificio emblemático de #Londres | @ArquitecturaVzl pic.twitter.com/7X7xdbotPW

— Reporte Brasil (@ReporteBrasilAg) November 10, 2014

In Brazil, billionaires increase, being the Latin American country with the most presence on the list, and it is the 81-year-old banker, Joseph Safra, who leads his country in the ranking. Joseph is ranked 42nd among the world's billionaires, with a fortune of $ 20.3 billion. He was born in Syria but was nationalized in Brazil, the country where he conducted his business, the main one is Banco Safra, the eighth largest bank in Brazil, he also has a bank in Switzerland called J. Safra Sarasin, and in New York the Banco Nacional Safra, as well as other real estate investments in the United States. Finally, he owns half of Chiquita Brands International, a banana producer that operates in three countries.

Iris Fontbona - Chile

The only woman on this list has the largest fortune in Chile and the 113th in the world, with a wealth of 12.2 billion dollars. Iris Fontbona's fortune also belongs to her family group, as an inheritance from her husband who died in 2005. He was the creator of the Luksic Group, a company dedicated mainly to the beverage sector, also operating in the copper mining business in Chile, but which is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the name of Antofagasta Plc. She also has a majority stake in companies such as Quiñenco, which has Banco de Chile, Cervecerías Unidas, Shell de Chile and other construction companies as subsidiaries, according to Poderospedia.

Luis Carlos Sarmiento - Colombia

Colombia is present thanks to the 87-year-old investor, who thanks to the banking and construction sector has made a fortune of 9.1 billion dollars, making him the Colombian with the most money on the list and 158 in the world. Sarmiento through Grupo Aval, owns 5 important banks in Colombia, as well as a pension fund, he also owns Planned Constructions and other companies in the energy, mining and energy sectors. , agriculture and hospitality, according to Dinero.

Carlos Rodríguez - Peru

In the 431st place of the world's billionaires is the Peruvian Carlos Rodríguez, a 60-year-old with a fortune of 4.4 billion dollars that began after the death of his father, from which he inherited the International Bank of Peru, although Rodríguez invested in other businesses such as a banking and insurance firm, shopping malls, pharmacies, supermarkets, an investment group with properties for movie theaters, schools, hotels, and fast food, making him the wealthiest person in Peru.

Juan Carlos Escotet - Venezuela

Venezuela also has its representation in Forbes, with a single person, Juan Carlos Escotet. The 60-year-old Venezuelan is ranked 605 on the list, with a fortune of 3.4 billion dollars, from the banking sector, after the founding of Banco Banesco in Venezuela, the country's main banking entity, expanding its branches to 15 countries between Latin America, the United States, and Europe, the latter under the name of Grupo Internacional Financiero Banesco ABANCA.

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Alejandro Bulgheroni - Argentina

Finally, there is the Argentine presence, with the 75-year-old billionaire Alejandro Bulgheroni, ranked 787 on the Forbes list thanks to his $ 2.8 billion fortune . Bulgheroni has specialized in the oil sector, first with the Brides Corp company that provided parts for the oil industries, now, after a partnership with British Petroleum, went on to form Pan American Energy Group, the country's largest private energy company. Bulgheroni also ventures into the Extraberries fine fruit business, producing and exporting cherries, blueberries, pears and apples, according to La Nación newspaper.