The questions La Casa de Papel left

While waiting for the fifth season, we chose the most important unknowns to which the series must respond.

Frame from the series 'The Paper House: Part 4'

The paper house was released on April 3 and the ending has left several unknowns. / Photo: youtube.com/La Casa de Papel

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La Casa de Papel, aka Money Heist, is one of the most successful series of the moment. The fourth season premiered on April 3 on Netflix. Of course, many of the subscribers of this platform devoured each of the 8 episodes of this new season.

However, the ending, while it may be satisfying, is quite open. This is explained by Esquire's specialized website since it ends with the “knot before the final path”. This is why many viewers began to wonder what could happen, which is why we collected the most important unknowns.

What are the questions that the series leaves us?

The first thing that we should know is that the series will have a fifth season. In other words, La Casa de Papel ended with an overly open ending, which will imply the continuation of this story.

In the first place, we should ask ourselves if Bogotá will be able to take revenge against the head of security at the Bank of Spain since it is one of the great enigmas of this season, which it preferred not to respond in order to move forward. 

In this sense, the reason why Lisbon entered the Bank of Spain is not understood either, so it seems that there is a secret plan orchestrated by The Professor to justify this matter, which has not yet been explained.

One of the hostages at the end of season 3 was truly decisive. We are talking about Manila, which is the goddaughter of Moscow and the friend of Denver, being an infiltrated hostage who managed to bring order after some disruptions caused by Arturito, who had armed himself.

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At this point, we still don't understand why Arturito is still in the series. His story arc had already ended several seasons ago, although the producers preferred to keep him. However, as the La 100 outlet shows, fans want him to die after starring in a scene of sexual abuse that went beyond all limits.

Following these guidelines, we could think of the character of Tatiana, who is the fifth wife in Berlin who is close to the plans of the robbers. It remains to be seen if she has a leading role for the future. All this, of course, in addition to replacing Nairobi, who died this season. 

Finally, we can also think about what could or could not happen with the possible love story between Rodrigo and Helsinski, since the Argentine knew how to show his most sensitive side. At the moment, we see that there are some clues that seem to point to that situation, although we will have to wait to see what this whole narrative line holds, which will be one of the most interesting of the fifth season.

The hook then, will be to see how the robbery plan ends. Although it leaves us with a last enigmatic and open episode, everything seems to indicate that the end will be satisfactory, although there may be some casualties in between. Be that as it may, the important thing is that it is a successful series and very well planned, which leaves us wanting more every time we see it.