When do the major soccer leagues return?

On these dates the main leagues in the world will resume their activities.

Soccer ball in the middle of an empty stadium.

We tell you what are the dates when you can enjoy the different soccer leagues around the world again. / Photo: Pexels

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It has been a difficult start for football fans this year. Many have had to resort to old game recordings and even video games to satisfy their passion for the sport. Everyone asks the same question: When will the leagues return? Here at LatinAmerican Post we have the answer.

Premier League

The English league has been suspended since March, with 92 games still to play. At the end of the campaign, Liverpool led the ranking, with Manchester City following and Leicester City in third place. In an official league statement from April 3, they said the season would only be resumed when it was "safe and appropriate" adding that "any return to the game will only be possible with the full support of the Government and medical institutions." Keep in mind that the quarantine in England is established until May 7.



Serie A of Italy

The best of Italian football may not be as far from returning as many think. The individual players will return to training on May 4 and the teams will follow soon after, on May 18, according to the BBC. There is still no specific return date, as Italy has been one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus. When the games stopped, Juventus was leading the ranking, with Lazio in second place and Inter Milan in third.



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The Spanish League

Although the president of the Santander League, Javier Tebas, has already named a tentative date for the full return of European football (May 29), the reality is that the Spanish government is yet to go through various phases of de-escalation before it can resume the sport. These phases, created by the Spanish government, are 4 and there is a period of 15 days, the incubation time for COVID-19, between each one.

Phase 1, which begins on May 11, would allow teams to return to high-performance centers, under strict restrictions. There is still plenty of time then for the resumption of Spanish football. Before the coronavirus, Barcelona led the ranking with Real Madrid in second place and Sevilla in third.




The tentative return date for the Bundesliga is May 9, but that Thursday, this date is subject to change. The league has repeatedly reiterated that it is ready to return to activities but that the decision ultimately rests with the competent authorities. FC Bayern Munich led the league with Burssia Dortmund in second place and RB Leipzig in third, before the end of the season.