These are the soccer teams that bet on eSports

These are some teams that have bet on virtual sports .

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Esports are an alternative for those who want to be close to sports in times of a pandemic. / Photo: Unsplash

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Soccer teams are increasingly entering the world of eSports, even more in these difficult times, when it is impossible to find real life sports on television. Here are some of the traditional teams that have bet on this new way of competing and having fun.

Barcelona Fc

Barcelona currently has two teams for two different e-sports: PES and Rocket League. Currently the lineup of Rocket League (a game similar to soccer but with cars instead of players) is made up of David Morrow, Aldin Hodzic and Hrant Yakoub. Added to this is the PES team that has had great success in the eFootbalpro League. Barcelona is recognized as one of the first traditional teams to bet on esports.

Valencia CF

Valencia was one of the first sports clubs to bet on eSports. They have teams from various games like Hearthstone (an online card game) and League of Legends (the most popular MOBA of all time) and of course a division that plays FIFA20. One of the most recognized players in this club is Evangelion, a very popular content creator of the Team Fight Tactics game.

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Paris Saint-German has several teams of players for various games. These include FIFA, DOTA 2 and Brawl Stars, and FIFA Online. While we are in quarantine, they have frequently offered virtual tournaments in which you have to register to participate. According to Xataka, the director of brand marketing for PSG said after the formation of the DOTA team: "We are very happy to be pioneers once again as the first European football club to invest in Dota 2. With an average of more than 500,000 simultaneously connected players, Dota 2 is one of the most popular e-sports, especially in Asia, a strategic region for PSG. "


The acclaimed Brazilian club created its e-sports division in 2017, which mainly competes in games like League of Legends. In September 2019 they qualified for the second split, which earned them a place in the world championship of the same sport. However, they came in the last place on that occasion.