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Stills from the trailer for 'Snowpiecer', from the video clip 'Chiquitita' by Cher and shirt from the band Guns n 'Roses.

We present you the most relevant entertainment news this week. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix, youtube.com/Cher, twitter.com/GunsNRoses

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Today is Friday and as usual, our summary arrives with the most relevant news in the world of entertainment. This time it's about some commercials in the film and television industries, a song launch in the voice of a pop idol, protests in the fashion world and a gesture of irreverence from a rock band . Here comes, then, what you can not miss this week summarized so that you are updated.


Snowpiecer trailer premieres

On May 25, the Snowpiecer series, based on the film by Oscar winner Bong Joo-ho, premieres on Netflix. The film is in turn based on the novel Le Transperceneige, by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette. We will see in this series a post-apocalyptic world in which Earth is a frozen planet and the only survivors travel in a train of 1,001 wagons that goes around the world in a repetition to which its inhabitants are condemned. Inside the train the survivors are divided by social class. In the best style of Bong Joo-ho,  we will see the rise of the oppressed class.


A Friends meeting will happen


Una publicación compartida por Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston) el

This May 27, HBO will launch HBO MAX, its new streaming service. It has been made official since for this new service, a nostalgic special will be made with the characters of the classic 90s series Friends. The special, however, will not premiere on the same day of the premiere of the platform, although all episodes of all seasons of Friends will be available on HBO MAX. The production of the special is paused by the health crisis, but it is official that it will happen and we already know, according to sources from the production to Harper's Bazaar, that all the original actors will participate and that it will not be a new chapter of Friends, but which will be another kind of special. We can't wait to see it after years of rumors that this would happen. It's finally official.


New version of Chiquitita in the voice of Cher for Unicef

Iconic pop singer Cher has made two big announcements this week. On the one hand, she said that she will donate a million dollars through her foundation to entities that provide assistance to vulnerable populations in the treatment of the pandemic. On the other hand, she has released this new version of the classic 70s ABBA song to collaborate with the Unicef campaign against COVID-19.

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Fashion world workers protest in Myanmar


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The New York Times has uncovered and given visibility to the protests that are taking place these days in Yangon, Myanmar. Earlier this year, before the pandemic, workers at textile factories operating in Yangon that make clothes for western brands like Mango and Zara have unionized because of the dire working conditions they are in. Since the health crisis began, the number of orders that brands made to textile factories has decreased, so the owners of these have decided to mass-fire their workers, who claim that this is just an excuse to stop the union activities. It is well known that contract workers in the textile factories of Bangladesh and Cambodia are also exploited so that the garments sold in these warehouses can be used in the West.


An act of irreverence from Guns N 'Roses


The American rock band mocks Trump with their new merchandise: a T-shirt that says "Live and let die with COVID 45." With this, they refer to a visit that Donald Trump made to a factory of masks. On this visit, he himself did not wear a face mask and the workers were hearing the band's classic so hard that it was hard to hear what Trump was saying. After some Twitter exchanges in which gang members criticize Trump and call attention to the number of deaths by COVID that does not bother the US president, Guns' n Roses launches this shirt that costs $ 25 and whose royalties will go to the MusicCare Foundation, to help forgotten populations in the midst of the health crisis.


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