Everything we know about the Cuphead series on Netflix

Here's everything about Netflix's Cuphead

Image of the video game 'Cuphead'

The hit game is preparing to become an animated Netflix series. / Photo: youtube.com/Alfrely

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The successful platform game known as Cuphead was released in 2017. It was a real surprise for the gamer community, in the sense that it was released as a game that sought to recreate the retro aesthetics of animations, with simple gameplay, but also very difficult.

According to what the medium Hobbyconsolas mentioned, it is a game "full of personality", which is far from the deliveries with incredible graphics that we were used to. Here the artistic section is incredible, where each of the scenarios and the enemies has their own life, forming a specific universe of the game.

All this translated into an exceptional sales record, since, according to what the specialized website of MeriStation comments, it managed to sell more than 5 million units. Knowing that the game parodied cartoons, Netflix decided to acquire the rights to launch its own animated series, of which some information recently came out. 

What will Cuphead's animated series be like?

First, it should be noted that these are not the only recent developments in the franchise. The continuation of the original story of the game, known as "The Delicious Last Course" will finally arrive this year, according to what the website of Cultura Geek comments.

The first thing we know is that the story will be titled "The Cuphead Show", where the retro theme and the gags of the cartoons of antiquity will be something frequent.

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The media of La Tercera comments that it will be 11 episodes of 10 minutes in length, although they would not be of the theme to which we were accustomed. That is, in the video game the main characters, known as Cuphead and Mugman, signed a contract with the devil to defeat their debtors and capture their souls.

Although it was thought of as a rather terrifying story,  the atmosphere of the title was quite joyous. The IGN Spain media considers this series to be a "comedy for the whole family", where the hand-drawn animation style of the 30s will continue, with a humorous style based on those years.

In this sense, its creators, the Moldenhauer brothers, mentioned that the series will address other plots that will not necessarily depend on that of the video game. Therefore, it is unlikely that we know the devil and his casino, but that we can connect with the universe built in the game.

Its release date is not confirmed, but on Netflix we already have its synopsis, which says: "Do not miss the misadventures of our impulsive hero and his cautious but faithful brother in this animated series based on the successful video game", so It could be closer than we think and even be released in the coming months.