Everything you need to know about Novak Djokovic's scandal

One of the world's best tennis players may have infected many others with coronavirus.

Novak Djokovic

The athlete decided to skip all the biosafety protocols and perform the Adria Tour where he, as well as other players, were positive for coronavirus. / Photo: flickr.com/carine06

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Athletes continue to underestimate the coronavirus. This time, however, it did not occur in a high-contact sport, but in the world of tennis. Djokovic announced that he and his wife tested positive for the virus on Tuesday morning.

The contagion occurred on the Adria Tour, a series of exhibition matches announced for charity by Djokovic himself, which were initially played in Zadar, Croatia. This event was the target of much criticism, not only due to the public's evident disregard for health measures but also due to the lax attitude of the players. Eventually, it was canceled when Grigor Dimitrov, the world's No. 9 player, tested positive for coronavirus.

The fact that the players have acquired the virus is not the focus of the controversy, but rather that the presence of social distancing and the use of masks in the tournament was null. Djokovic, meanwhile, traveled to his native Belgrade after the event was canceled, even knowing that athletes with whom he had contacted had been exposed to the virus. At the same time, Djokovic was seen hugging other players and partying with them.

Djokovic expressed his regret on his Instagram account and assured that he did everything "with the best intentions" and that his intention was to make a tournament where the contribution to charity and solidarity came first. The credibility of the ace is in question because in April he stressed that his return to the world of tennis would be delayed due to his anti-vaccine position. In a Facebook live he assured that he would not like "to force anyone to inject a vaccine to travel"

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The athlete will remain in preventive isolation for 14 days. He has clarified that neither of his two children tested positive for the virus. It is unknown whether or not he will face any sanctions.


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