The unmissable premieres of Netflix for July

Here are our recommendations for this month.

Still from the series 'The Cable Girls' and 'Down to earth'

These are the premieres for this month on the streaming platform. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix

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Netflix renews its catalog and with it comes new recommendations by us. This time a documentary series and a couple of comedies are the protagonists. Month by month Netflix launches new productions and updates the ones it has from before, we will see both cases in this list. Here you have them to recommend to your friends and acquaintances.


Unsolved mysteries

Release date: July 1

Genre: Crimes, UFOs, documentary series

Netflix Official Synopsis: Real cases of shocking disappearances, chilling murders, and paranormal encounters inspire the gripping relaunch of this iconic documentary series.


Warrior Nun

Release dates: July 2

Genre: series, fantasy, action

Synthesis of Netflix: An orphan teenager wakes up in a morgue and discovers that a secret sect of demon hunter nuns has given her superpowers and has chosen her to wear the Halo.


Catch that email

Release date: July 3

Genre: Movie, comedy, girlfriends

Netflix synopsis: Wes, a hopeless romantic with a couple of drinks on top, sends an embarrassing email and travels to Mexico with her friends to delete it before her new love reads it.


The cable girls, final season: part 2

Release date: July 3

Genre: Series, drama, vintage

Netflix synopsis: When Lidia's archenemy uses a re-education camp to get even, Lidia and her friends face the Franco regime even more defiantly. The second part of the final season of this Spanish period drama about female emancipation arrives in July.


The old guard

Release date: July 10

Genre: Movie, action, exciting

Netflix Synopsis: Four immortal warriors who have been protecting humanity for centuries are hunted down for their mysterious powers, just as they discover a new member.


Jane the virgin, season 5

Release date: July 6

Genre: Series, comedy, soap opera

Netflix Synopsis: A shocking discovery puts Jane in an awkward situation with Rafael at a crucial moment in their relationship. Petra's past threatens her future with JR. There will be resurrections and entanglements in the final season of this soap opera parody and tribute.


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Spiderman: Homecoming

Release date: July 16

Genre: movie, action, superheroes

Netflix synopsis: Peter Parker returns to his student routine until the appearance of a new villain gives him the opportunity to demonstrate his value as a superhero.


A canine mind

Release date: July 3

Genre: movie, family, pets

Netflix synopsis: Oliver, a 12-year-old genius, discovers how to listen to what his dog thinks and forces him to keep the family together.


Zac Efron: down to earth

Release date. July 10th

Genre: Series, optimistic, travel and adventure

Netflix Synopsis: This world travel show explores healthy and sustainable lifestyles with actor Zac Efron and wellness specialist Darin Olien.