5 keys to preventing breast cancer

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A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can avoid breast tumors in 40% and 50% of the most common cancers.

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This is confirmed by Emilia Gómez Pardo, a doctor in biochemistry and molecular biology, master in nutrition and health, and scientific advisor to the CRIS Foundation Against Cancer, a Spanish organization.

In her guide, the 5 keys to prevent cancer, a document that has the scientific backing of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) and the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN), the expert includes healthy eating as one of the five pillars that constitute a healthy lifestyle and affirms that: "one out of every three cancers is avoidable". Weight, an active life, not smoking, not consuming alcohol, and physical activity are also related to the prevention of the disease.

According to Gómez Pardo, "The Mediterranean diet is an eating plan based mainly on foods from the vegetable world: fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, spices and seeds, and olive oil", while she clarifies that it is a misconception to relate it to alcohol consumption. On the contrary, reducing its intake is part of her recommendations as this "is directly related to at least 8 types of cancer".

As far as breast tumors are concerned, "their consumption is associated with an increased risk of suffering from them, especially marked in post-menopausal breast cancer. A single drink of alcohol a day is associated with an increased risk," explains the scientist.

Another of her suggestions is to decrease the consumption of red and processed meats and prefer substitutes for these such as lean meats: poultry, rabbit, turkey, and fish. Consuming 4 servings of fish per week, of which 1 or 2 are oily fish, is what the guide to prevent cancer advises.

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Limiting the consumption of sugary drinks, processed foods, and saturated and trans fats is part of the indications included in this pattern of healthy eating, defined as "an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and also fiber", emphasizing the latter since Harvard University recently conducted a study that concludes that high consumption of fiber influences a lower risk of breast cancer.

For researcher Gómez Pardo, lifestyle is "the set of habits and behaviors that impact health positively or negatively" and having a healthy life can prevent many diseases, not only cancer.

According to the CRIS Foundation, "in the next few years, cancer will affect one out of every two people". Hence the importance of the CRIS Oncosaludometer, a tool with which they seek to raise awareness of the relevance of good healthy habits in people's lives and support in making decisions that reduce their chances of developing the disease.

If you want to have the complete guide, in this link you can find the information in Spanish: https://criscancer.org/es/prevencion-del-cancer/