How to deal with your emotions during the pandemic

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Merce Villegas, an international speaker talks about how accepting our emotions is the first step into healing and dealing with stress during the pandemic

Merce Villegas, an international speaker talks about how accepting our emotions is the first step into healing and dealing with stress during the pandemic.

Merce Villegas

Merce Villegas has worked as a life coach and during the pandemic she teaches how to deal with emotions. / Photo: Courtesy

LatinamericanPost| Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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Merce is a Colombian coach that has had a great impact on the life of more than 80 thousand people in important events such as TEDWomen, Bogotá’s Happy Fest, and different gatherings directed to women leaders, foundations, and companies.


The Woman Post reunited with the expert in happiness and Director and Producer of her TV show to know more about how to deal with emotions under situations of stress and anxiety such as the current pandemic.

The Woman Post: Why did you become a life coach?

Merce Villegas: It all started because I wanted to grow at a personal level. When I learned about the power of good thoughts, everything in my life changed for the better. My wish was to share this wisdom with people so I founded the program “Conversations for the Soul” to create consciousness about the importance of looking inside us.

TWP: Why is so important to recognize our emotions?

MV: There’s a beautiful Buddhist concept called “The Law of Impermanence”, which says that any pain, happiness, or sadness doesn't last forever. However, we want to make everything permanent, like for example when we feel stress but we don’t let go of that emotion. It's important to observe our feelings and create a discipline for accepting them to make new decisions from higher energy such as thankfulness. For this, we need to work in our gratitude and appreciate all the things that we have, especially in the harsh moments.

TWP: How can we have better control of our emotions during the pandemic?

MV: As human beings, we are constantly in evolution. We are not prepared to live statically and one of our biggest frustrations is wanting to be always on the same road. For example, in personal relationships as well as work a transformation is always necessary. This is the reason why accepting our emotions is the first step to change them.

TWP: How can we get more empowered despite the crisis?

MV: We must use a gift that we all have: creativity. Everything is ending, everything is changing. So, to be more empowered we need to realize where the world is going, and which are the opportunities that are being created. Focus on what you can do instead of what doesn’t work anymore.

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TWP: How can we relax when now we are more susceptible to stress?

MV: It’s important to understand that this happens because there are changes that we must do in our lives, and in fact, thanks to stress we can grow and reach our maximum potential. This also helps us to constantly reinvent ourselves. The best way of relaxing is to be able to accept changes and welcome them into our lives. Stop focusing on the past, this way stress will slowly go away, without struggle and resistance.

TWP: What do you recommend for people that get very anxious because of COVID-19?

MV: There’s no point in getting stressed for COVID-19 because this won’t prevent you from getting sick or changing the situation. If you concentrate on good things such as taking care of your health, eating better, working out, and improving your quality of life, you’ll be able to see a great change in your life.

TWP: How can we take advantage of this moment to be happier?

MV: Focusing on the daily miracles. Sometimes we wake up and think that breathing, seeing the sun, and having people that love us is normal. Stop concentrating on the things you don’t have, and be grateful for the little miracles that surround you and allow you to be strong and happy.

TWP: Anything else you would like to add?

MV: There’s nothing more wonderful than believing in a superior force. If you’re going to believe in God, don’t transform him into philosophy, intellectuality, or wisdom, instead, become a living experience of him. Being able to recognize that there’s something or someone bigger than us makes us truly humble. If we have faith, the superior force that we believe in will always give us hope.