Enrico Becuzzi, the tennis player who never won a match

Have you ever felt like a loser in sports? You may identify with Enrico Becuzzi, a tennis player accustomed to defeats .

Erico Becuzzi

We tell you the story behind the tennis player Enrico Becuzzi. / Photo: twitter.com/EricBecuzzi_ATP

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All athletes, at one time or another, know defeat. Even the biggest winners have been frustrated by a situation where they can't give up. It has happened to the greatest: Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer ... the list is endless.

However, what would you say if we told you that there is a case of a perfect athlete in terms of results? That is to say, someone who always knew the same result ... although not the best, since we are talking about a tennis player who never won, but that lost all the matches he played.

This is the Italian tennis player Enrico Becuzzi, who lost about 270 games, as mentioned by the brand Marca. After more than 26 years of career, this man of about 47 years tries to participate in all the tournaments he can to fulfill his biggest dream, which is to enter the ATP ranking. Let's see what his history is like.

What is the story of Enrico Becuzzi?

The newspaper Diario de Tenis comments that he has a clear motivation to keep trying. Basically, tennis is his passion, since he started competing at the age of 21 already at an advanced age, but he says that "there is no age to fulfill a dream". His intention is to achieve a win in a main draw of a professional tournament.

His is a story of love for his sport and perseverance. Since his intention is to achieve his first official victory, he participates in almost all the competitions he finds and can attend. Of course, this involves large expenses in terms of money, something that can be sustained due to his entrepreneurial status, although he never commented on what exactly his work is. 

From the Yahoo page they mention that the Italian knows what are the weak points that prevent him from reaching that goal. From his point of view, he feels physically competitive, despite being several years older. However, he recognizes that his service is extremely bad, something that plays against him to define encounters.

Since he is 47 years old, many people recommend that he enter the circuit for seniors, that is, those who can no longer be on professional terrain. It is an ideal category for veterans, where you can find authentic legends of the circuit. For example, the specialized website of Punto de Break mentions that there will be players such as David Ferrer and Marcos Baghdatis, who want to have less demand.

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However, Enrico Becuzzi only wants to be in the professional category. Despite all his defeats, in his life he can boast of having faced Karen Kchachanov, Guido Andreozzi or Nicolás Almagro, who achieved a top 100 at some point in their careers.

Although he doesn't have great technical skills, he also lacks luck. According to what Emol highlights, he could never get into a main draw in singles. On one occasion, something unusual happened to him, when he was about to play a Masters 1000.

The Italian had scored in the preliminary phase of the competition in Shanghai, without much expectations . However, since these were competitions at the end of the year, where many were resting, there were a large number of players absent, so he was able to enter the qualification ... although his VISA was delayed in arriving and he could not dispute it.

At the moment, the dream of winning his first match seems increasingly difficult as he is at an advanced age. What we know is that, until now, he has a perfect rating in terms of losses, since he never knew another result. It remains to be seen if he breaks that streak and can withdraw with his head held high ... or continue to fuel his desire to play and transcend beyond his lost encounters.