Celebrity lawsuits and other entertainment news

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Our weekly summary of the most relevant news in the world of entertainment is here.

Ellen DeGeneres and Amber Heard

These are the most relevant entertainment news this week. / Photos: instagram.com/theellenshow, instagram.com/amberheard

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It is Friday and that means that our weekly summary is published, in which we order and summarize the most relevant entertainment news of the week so that you can start the weekend updated.

Ashley Judd may continue her lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein


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The lawsuits and accusations against Harvey Weinstein do not stop. Actress Ashley Judd sued him for exercising power over her career when he invited her to his hotel room in the mid-1990s. The lawsuit had been cut because at the moment the actress was not an employee of the producer, so she was not necessarily in a subordinate relationship. However, this week Judd's lawyer convinced the jury to continue the lawsuit arguing that Weinstein's position as a recognized producer put him in a position of power over any young actress.

The Emmys will take place virtually


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After the Emmy nominees were announced this Tuesday to the surprise of everyone, as it was not believed that they would be held, this Wednesday it has been announced that they will be carried out virtually via streaming. The details are not yet known but the nominees have already received their invitation to the most important night of American television, in which they can participate from home.

Johnny Depp vs. The Sun trial is over


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This week was the last day of a three-week trial of Johnny Depp vs. the British journal The Sun. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued this newspaper for an April 2018 article in which it was assumed that he was a violent husband to Amber Heard, whom the actor has also accused of physical and psychological abuse. The judge will give his sentence at a later date. 

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show is investigated for being, perhaps, a toxic work environment


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It is perhaps one of the most watched shows in America and it is currently being researched to explore the work environment and make sure it is a friendly one. Warner Bros. has contracted a private and independent investigation due to testimonies from show workers who claim to work in a toxic and racist environment where they receive offensive comments for asking for days off and vacations.

Historic agreement between Universal Pictures and AMC


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This week a landmark agreement was released that could change the dynamics of film distribution. It is an agreement between Universal Pictures and AMC, one of the largest movie theater chains. The agreement is that Universal Pictures and Focus Productions productions will be screened in AMC theaters for 17 days, including weekends, and will then be available for distribution by these rooms at a premium price on demand. This agreement could be a precedent for others between producers and distributors of film productions in the midst of these changing times.