This will be the restart of soccer in Latin America

The first leagues of Latin American soccer will begin to activate in the next month.

Soccer ball on the playing field.

Soccer in Latin America is preparing to restart under biosafety protocols. / Photo: Pexels

LatinAmerican Post| Juan Manuel Londoño

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The world of sports is beginning to resurface and in all kinds of countries, from Germany to the United States, we have seen the return of our favorite athletes. But how is the situation in Latin America? Here we tell you everything about the main leagues.


The Brazilian league is about to start; starting next August 8, until February 24. The championship will be played with all the safety precautions that are detailed in a 60-page document shared by the Brazilian Football Confederation.

These precautions include performing a diagnostic test every 72 hours with a result that comes out 24 to 48 hours before the game .

Matches will be played without an audience until there is a proven vaccine, according to a CBF statement.



For now, the increase in coronavirus cases has caused the definition of tentative dates for the Argentine Professional Soccer League to be avoided. However, there is already a “draft” for the tournament, according to Goal.com, in which it is proposed that six groups of four teams each play a round-trip system, with a classic date added for a total of 7 journeys.



In Colombia it seems that soccer will be summarized as if nothing had happened. The championship will restart from the ninth date and all matches will be played from August 30. The best 8 will come out of these heats, who will meet in two homers. The 12 teams that do not qualify will meet in 3 home runs where the relegation will be defined and will have a place in the Copa Sudamericana. There is still no tentative date for the return, since the decision must be endorsed by Minsalud.


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The league of this country will summarize its activities this August 7 with minor changes in its format. The 6 dates already played are respected and the 13 to play will be called “Phase 1”, whose winner will automatically qualify for the Playoffs.

Phase 2 is 9 dates, which are played between 2 groups. The heads of each group are the first and second places of Phase 1. From the results of both phases it will be defined if there is a champion immediately, there is a round-trip final or a semifinal and a final.