An analysis of Folklore, Taylor Swift's new album

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Let's see the details of this masterpiece .

Cover of Taylor Swift's 'Folklore' album.

The singer released her new musical production on July 23. / Photos: instagram.com/taylorswift

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Recently, the pop music world had a more than pleasant surprise. As mentioned by Teletrece, the American singer and actress announced the release of Folklore, her eighth studio album. It was an unexpected novelty, since it arose from one moment to the next and without prior notice.

In addition to that announcement, from the MDZ Online website they commented that the artist decided to previously release the first official video clip for the album. This is the Cardigan song, which appears along with 15 other tracks from the album , which managed to dazzle fans in this time of pandemic. Let's see what this CD is about.

Folklore, a simple album, but also fascinating

The artist is a great representative of pop music. So much so that Vanity Fair Magazine highlighted that "she had a great decade", where she turned her traumas into the secret of her success, that is, getting out of the stereotype of an American star that then declines, to ensure that her virtues are constant.

All this can be seen in her new album, which the Infobae media highlights that "she exposed her whims, dreams and fears". In this way, her songs allow her to capture the thoughts she went through during confinement, with a style that completely moves away from pop, to delve into mutations that feel really good to her.

These changes allow us to perceive an atmosphere of tranquility throughout the 16 songs that make up the album. You can see how, track by track, elegant melodies are used that have a professionalized lo-fi style.

This is also reflected by the media El Universal de México, which says that Taylor Swift "puts aside her most pop version" with this new album, making her talent as a songwriter stand out thanks to new stories that reflect simplicity and the calm of an album very different from her previous one, Lover. 

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Despite these mutations, many consider that the artist released a "true work of art". It is for this reason that the Esquire website highlights that "unanimous applause" was given to this new work, with lyrics geared towards fantasy and far from the search for hits, appealing to the sincerity and purity of its calm and relaxing melodies, as can be seen in the song Seven or The last great american dynasty, for example.

No one can say that it is a record that lives up to expectations, since these did not exist, due to the surprise of the announcement . However, it is considered to be perfect from start to finish. For example, the media El País highlights that the woman born in Pennsylvania "released the best album of her career", since, through her lyrics, she talks about how she is and what she wants to be today.

In this way, we can see that remote music recording and production -something fundamental in this quarantine- can also achieve surprising results. Through attractive stories, where her sentimental situation is revealed through a taciturn environment, both the voice and the edition of each of the sound pieces demonstrate why many consider her to be one of the best singers on the planet.