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Taylor Swift, frame from 'Twilight' and Courteney Cox

These are the most relevant entertainment news this week. / Photos: youtube.com/Taylor Swift, youtube.com/The Twilight Saga, instagram.com/courteneycoxofficial

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It is already Friday and we know it: you need to be updated for the weekend. Don't worry, we bring you our weekly summary with the most relevant entertainment news . All cut and chopped so that you can talk to whoever and discuss it with your friends, family and acquaintances. Here are the five most relevant news from the entertainment industry this week.


Taylor Swift breaks records with her new album

Just a week after releasing her surprise album, singer Taylor Swift has already broken several records never before reached by any artist in history. She is the first, for example, to top the charts of the most listened to with a single and an album. That is, she tops not only the list of most listened to songs but also that of most listened to albums. On the other hand, she is the artist who has managed to get the most songs on the Billboard charts, all at the same time. Hers is also the best-selling and most listened to album of 2020. Much more awaits this young artist.


Lawsuit against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which awards the Golden Globes


Una publicación compartida de Golden Globes (@goldenglobes) el

Journalist Kjersti Flaa this week filed an antitrust lawsuit against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization in charge of delivering the Golden Globe Awards. The lawsuit accuses the organization of monopoly because, the plaintiff claims, it refuses to receive new members who meet the requirements to enter, which means that an exclusive circle of journalists can not only belong, but also award prizes and get access to exclusive events. 


New book of the Twilight saga

This Tuesday, August 4 , the new book of the Twilight saga, which we thought was finished in 2008, was released for sale. The author of this teenage phenomenon, Stephenie Meyer, decided to add another book to her successful saga to end some narrative lines that had been left unfinished. With this release, rumors of a film adaptation were swift. To such rumors, the director of the saga that ended in 2012, Catherine Hardwicke, stated that it would be fun but it would have to be a different production and outside the saga and for which it would be impossible to have the previous protagonists. However, everything is still just a rumor.

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Pedro Almodóvar returns with The Human Voice

After the beautiful and acclaimed Pain and Glory, Pedro Almodóvar returns with another film production. This is the medium-length film The Human voice,  which will star the Scottish actress Tilda Swinton and which will be the first production in English by the Spanish director. The film is an adaptation of the playwright Jean Cocteau's homonymous play and will be presented at the Venice Film Festival as an out-of-competition production. We can't wait to see it.


A new installment of the horror classic Scream is prepared


Una publicación compartida de Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial) el

This week, actress Courtney Cox, known for her role as Monica in the series Friends, made official with a post from her Instagram account that she will participate in the fifth installment of the horror classic she starred in in her youth. This is perhaps one of the horror films with the most loyal fans, the retreading of which is prepared for all those nostalgic for terror.



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