5 comedies that you can see on Netflix that are not Friends (II)

Here comes a second batch of comedies for you to laugh this Sunday .

Still from the series' Arrested Developmetn ', Modern Family' and 'Glow'

These are some comedy series that you can enjoy on the streaming platform. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix, youtube.com/ABC

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We have already told you that when we have nothing to watch on Netflix and we just want to distract ourselves for a while, we always put the same thing: Friends. We had recommended you this week in a first version of this article, five comedies more diverse than Friends, but that was not all! Here we bring you another five so that you can complete a list of ten comedies that you can add to your list to watch on Netflix and with which you can rejoice this Sunday. Here come our recommended thirty minutes.

1. Arrested Developement

This comedy of the absurd has already ended twice, as it was rescued by Netflix for a couple of more seasons. Critical and sharp, Arrested Development follows the life of a family that is always on the verge of bankruptcy after the father has been charged and imprisoned for corruption in his company and for stealing the money of his investors. It's weird and confusing, but a lot of fun. Its voice-over narrator gives it a metacomic tinge and its main character, played by Jason Bateman, is touching and ridiculous.

2. Modern Family

This series, already longer than the success of the 90s, had a similar effect to that of Friends: it was a success as it was released. And now it is going the same way, because for a few months it can be seen on Netflix, so it will become the other comedy that we repeat over and over again when we are bored. It is about a modern and eclectic family that faces the daily and current adventures of motherhood, adolescence, age differences, etc.

3. Master of none

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something less familiar and more in the style of young adults having a crisis of maturity and wondering about themselves and their place in the world (in the same way that Friends was at some point), you are looking for Master of None. Comedian Aziz Ansari writes, creates, produces and stars in this series in which he asks questions about himself, his career, his life in New York. The series has only two seasons but it is very current and honest, as the protagonist has sincere and genuine conversations with his friends and is involved in situations in which any young adult can see himself living in a big city.

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4. Feel Good

In the same vein as Master of None, Feel Good is written, produced and starred by Mae Martin, also a stand-up comedian. Dense and complex, Feel Good can be a sad comedy, as it explores personal and autobiographical themes of the author such as drug problems, gender exploration, emotional relationships in the closet . It is, of this list, the one that comes with the most current debates and the newest of all: it was released in March of this year and perhaps it has not had the visibility it deserves.


Also between drama and comedy, GLOW revolves around a group of women who put together a women's wrestling program to get out of the situation each one is in. Drama, gossip and fights are the protagonists of this comedy set in the eighties. It is in its third season and in each one we will see these women go through increasingly extreme and increasingly comical situations. Empowering and fun.