Quarantine songs and other entertainment news

Here comes our summary of the week, once again.

Cover of the song 'Quarantine', Will Smith in the Prince of Bel Air and Spiderman

These are the most talked about entertainment news this week. / Photos: youtube.com/Blink 182, instagram.com/willsmith, instagram.com/sonypictures

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Today is Friday and our summary of the week is here, as always. Here are gathered and summarized the most relevant news from the world of entertainment this week, so that you start the weekend updated and with much to talk and comment with your friends and acquaintances. You cannot miss any of these five news that, for us, were the most relevant of the week.

1. Blink 182 releases new song: Quarantine

Like many other artists and bands, Blink 182 has reflected on the situation we are all in due to the COVID-19 pandemic: the quarantine. Their song Quarantine, wich its title is quite clear regarding what the lyrics are, was released this week. In it, like many others, the neopunk band explores in their creative work what they have experienced during this time of confinement. The credits of the song are from Mark Hoppus and Travis Baker, it remains, with this, Matt Skiba out, which has made fans wonder and there are rumors about a possible return of Tom DeLonge to the band.

2. Filming resumed

The Marvel teams have returned to Atlanta for the resumption of filming of the superhero series they are preparing: Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and Hawkeye. Although these series are barely in a pre-production stage, the production teams, who will work for Disney +, have already resumed work for the filming of these productions: they are already preparing the scenarios that we will later see on the small screen . The series are expected to resume filming next week.

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3. Drake Bell denies allegations of sexual abuse


Una publicación compartida de Drake Campana (@drakebell) el

This Wednesday the ex-girlfriend of actor Drake Bell, Melissa Lingafelt, has denounced through her Tik Tok account that in the past she received physical and psychological abuse from the actor known for his role in the teenage series Drake & Josh. In response to the Tik Tok video, Drake Bell has stated that he was never abusive during his relationship with Lingafelt and reviewed his legal options in a statement issued by his representative to the press that same Wednesday.

4. Will Smith prepares The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's reboot


Una publicación compartida de Will Smith (@willsmith) el

The rapper and actor has announced that he will produce himself a remake of the series that made him so famous and beloved in the nineties: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air However, he clarified that this will not be a simple rebootor sequel to the series but this time it will not be a comedy but a much deeper, darker and more complex, as it will touch on sensitive issues such as racial discrimination in the United States and will radically change the tone that this teenage series had before. We can't wait.

5. About Spider-Man 3

It is official that Sony and Disney, with some intermediation of the main cast of this story, managed to reach an agreement regarding the Spider-Man played by Tom Holland. Last year, it was thought that he would not reach an agreement, but this week even the title that will carry the third film of the spider hero was announced: Homesick. This title continues in the vein of the other two films: Homecoming and Far from home. We can't wait to see what these two giants, Sony and Disney, produce.