Cinema has a new beginning and other news of the week

Here is our weekly summary.

Frame from the movie 'The Batman', frame from the movie 'Harry Potter,' and Billie Eilish

These are the most relevant entertainment news of this week. / Photos: youtube.com/Smasher, youtube.com/HPotterLa, instagram.com/billieeilish

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Friday arrives and with it our weekly summary of the most relevant news of the week in the world of entertainment so that the weekend does not catch you out of date. This time we mainly bring news about the world of cinema, which seems to be facing a new beginning after the pandemic. Here are the most relevant news of the week.

Batman restarts

A new version of the winged hero is coming. After Cristian Bale's unsurpassed Batman and Ben Affleck's failure, DC Comics is encouraged with a new version of Batman that was expected to be released in 2021.

Due to the pandemic, everything has been postponed, but a new beginning has already been confirmed for which it will be called The Batman and will be played by Robert Pattinson (known for his role in the Twilight saga), as the production of the feature film will restart at early September. This is news that cheers and relieves many fans of comic books and DC Comics productions.


TENET seems to have a (again) release date

Surely you have been able to follow in our news on Fridays the indecision of Warner Bros. on whether or not to launch its super production TENET on the big screen. It is the new film by British director Cristopher Nolan, which had a budget of 200 million dollars and that is why its premiere in the middle of the pandemic constitutes a risk.

In any case, it has already been announced this week that Nolan's film will hit theaters in almost thirty countries next Wednesday, so the production company is taking a risk but with a privileged place, as it is one of the first films that many will be able to see this year in cinema.


Theaters reopen in China and new classics go box-office

In China, it seems that the crisis has already lessened, so much so that movie theaters have reopened. However, the vicious circle in which the film industry has found itself since the virus is well known: they do not release films if theaters do not open and theaters do not open if they do not release films.

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In the absence of Hollywood premieres, of which many movie theaters live, Chinese theaters have decided to re-screen new classics, which have been very well received by the public. One of these has been Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was released almost 20 years ago and returns to raise a lot of money at the box office thanks to this re-awakening of cinema in China.


Olivia Wilde to direct Marvel movie

Olivia Wilde was confirmed this week by Marvel and Sony Pictures as the director of the next superhero movie to come. Some fan portals have speculated that it will be the Spider-Woman movie, which would make sense since it is already a Marvel style to put women in movies about women.

However, so far they are only suspicions. The actress, recognized for her role in Dr. House, surprised last year with her debut as a director, her great and refreshing film Booksmart. We can't wait to see what will be her second production.


Billie Eilish sings at the Democratic convention

The event, which took place virtually and which makes the candidacy of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris official for president and vice president of the United States, had the 18-year-old singer as a guest. She performed her new single My Future and harshly criticized Trump for not doing enough to fight racism and preserve the environment. Thus, the race for the presidency of the United States begins, a campaign in which celebrities will not hesitate to take a position.