Billie Eilish and celebrities at the start of the presidential campaign

Should celebrities get involved in politics? .

Billie eilish

The artist participated in the Democratic National Convention and invited to exercise the anti-Trump vote. / Photo: youtube.com/Billie Eilish

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Last Wednesday the third day of the Democratic National Convention took place, which is part of Joe Biden's presidential campaign for the elections next November. In this event participated former President Barack Obama and former candidate Hillary Clinton, two fundamental figures in the history of the US Democratic Party. The acceptance by Kamala Harris to be the formula for Joe Biden was also made official. This fact is unprecedented, as it is the first time that an African-American woman officially accepts this place in the presidential formula.

As often happens during US presidential campaigns, some celebrities have already joined the voices of some politicians, parties and movements. Well known is the intention that the rapper Kanye West has had for several years now to be president of the republic and the history that the United States has with celebrities who come to politics: Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump himself. Thus, with the presidential campaign the endorsements of celebrities also begin to be heard. This is the case of the young Billie Eilish, who will vote for the first time in the next elections.

The 18-year-old singer participated as a guest on this third day of the Democratic National Convention and sang her latest single "my future", very much in keeping with the event. She also invited young people to exercise the anti-Trump vote, that is, to vote for Joe Biden to unseat the current president. She said Trump has not done enough to combat racism and climate change. Billie Eilish is a winner of many Grammys and is without a doubt one of the most listened to voices among the youth today. Her dark style and her songs written by herself have influenced the adolescence of many who will vote for the first time in this November election.

Adolescents and politics

Billie Eilish is certainly not the only teenager who has been actively involved in the US presidential campaign. Well known was the news of the teenagers who organized through Tik Tok and K-pop networks to sabotage Donald Trump's first rally. Thus, it can be seen how this celebrity belongs to a generation that is not only concerned about the environment but is also involved in politics and cyber activism. It is noteworthy that those who sabotaged Trump's rally are young people who are mostly not of voting age, so they are looking for alternative ways to exercise their rights as US citizens.


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Celebrities and politics

Billie Eilish was not, however, the only celebrity invited to the event, which was hosted by African-American actress Kerry Washington . Thus, it is already naturalized that celebrities in the United States are openly political and that they use their voice to support both movements. Several were those who, for example, supported the protests by the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of George Floyd by the police earlier this year. The appearance of Billie Eilish in the Democratic event, in this sense, is just a first test of what we will see in the following months: support from both sides of the most relevant voices of our time for and against the current administration,