Resilient companies: Sylvia Escovar, president of Terpel Colombia

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Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the pandemic crisis .

Sylvia Escovar, President of Terpel

Sylvia Escovar is the only woman among the top 15 leaders with the best reputation in Colombia. / Photo: terpel.com

The Woman Post | Maria Lourdes Zimmermann

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At the dawn of the global crisis, many Colombian business leaders waited patiently and got up without fear, did not lose their calm and without discarding their vulnerability and that of their companies, they showed solidarity and integral with their purposes, activated their businesses and created strategies to produce in the midst of the crisis, solidarity and productive actions without losing empathy, creativity and sisterhood to help each other by becoming more resilient.

The Woman Post chose a group of Colombian businesswomen to show the resilience of women in times of crisis and their responses to the pandemic, the first of the group is Sylvia Escovar.

Selected by the study of the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (Merco), as the only woman among the top 15 leaders with the best reputation in Colombia. Escovar ranked 12th, while Terpel ranked 29th in business measurement.

President of the leading fuel distribution company in Colombia, the Colombian leader is a hero in the female business world.

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Piloting a ship like Terpel in the midst of a pandemic trying to ensure sustained growth and generating collaboration strategies have been just two of Sylvia Escovar's multiple skills, a Colombian leader who has given the country a lecture on disruption and resilience in times of crisis .

Since she arrived at the company, the change was noticeable, she stopped working for cars and dedicated herself fully to people, betting for an absolutely sustainable management.

Every day they have great challenges, but facing the unknown situation of a pandemic did not immobilize them, it encouraged them to grow more, in favor of the people. With the #JuntosSaldremosAdelante that began in May, the company set up some Altoque service stations and stores as a showcase for farmers and their crops in order to help them sell their products without intermediaries.

They have mobilized food with the ABACO food bank, to a total of 1,150,000 Colombians in 18 departments of the national territory. During the month of May, more than eight million kilograms of food were mobilized in 114 municipalities, thanks to the donation of 4,547 gallons of gasoline and Acpm, by Terpel, within the framework of its campaign.

They brought medical supplies, tests to detect COVID 19 and medical personnel to vulnerable populations in the country through the donation of fuel to airlines such as Satena.

They have supported Colombian women, responding to the increase in violence in confinement, converting 54 Terpel stations and 7 Altoque stores into “Safe Spaces”, with a 24-hour service to manage complaints and provide psychological support to vulnerable and needy women with the help of the Secretary for Women.

Terpel delivered broth and coffee to the country's transporters who continued to supply Colombia in the midst of the crisis and at the service stations they found a friendly place to rest, they provided free showers and in this way thanked them for their work and contribution to the country. 

“These difficult times require our solidarity and teamwork as a society, to help the populations most affected by the situation. As a Country Partner, we will continue accompanying and supporting the most vulnerable Colombians during this time of uncertainty, ” said Sylvia Escovar, president of the Terpel Organization.

For these reasons The Woman Post highlights the inspiring work of Sylvia Escovar, President of Terpel Colombia.