5 classic movies about friendship you should watch

Here is a list of recommended movies for the month of love and friendship .

Still from the film 'Thelma and Louise' and 'ET the Extraterrestrial'

Enjoy this list of recommended movies about friendship. / Photos: YT / Movie Trailers

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We are in September, which some countries have chosen as the month of love and friendship. In some of Latin America, it is the month in which "secret santa" is played and it is used to have romantic gestures as one would in other countries during February, on Valentine's Day. To celebrate, we bring you this list of recommended classic movies about friendship. It is not, then, about classic cinema but about films that have already become a reference on this subject and that you probably have not seen.

1. American Graffiti, George Lucas (1973)

It is the first film by the famous director. It is surprisingly simple and that makes it difficult to believe that this was the style of who would later direct the Star Wars saga. It's simple and fresh: it portrays the last night of a group of friends before each one goes on with their life after school.

During the night, they go out with girls, ask each other questions about what is coming, and wake up afraid (but also excited) of the future. It is a 70s movie but nostalgic for the fifties, so it is very pleasant to watch and fun.

2. ET the Extraterrestrial, Steven Spielberg (1982)

We wanted to give ourselves the luxury of giving this obvious recommendation just to remember one of the eighties classics, perhaps the best known, about friendship. This, in addition, is of an unlikely friendship: a little one meets a being from another planet and must defend and care for him to help him return home. A friendship in which there is no communication (ET does not speak English), or, rather, in which the language that the characters share is that of friendship.

Again, it is perhaps the best known movie of the eighties wave on friendship, which, together with the also classic on friendship "Stand by me" by Rob Reiner ", would almost become a genre, to which today they pay homage in acclaimed series such as Netflix's famous Stranger Things.

3. Thelma & Louise, Ridley Scott (1991)

We keep bringing you one movie per decade. This is perhaps, from this time we are reviewing today, the best known film about female friendship. Although later we will bring you a list only dedicated to this topic, as we believe it deserves a complete list, we wanted to include here this now classic about rebellion.

Two friends, a waitress and a housewife, abandon their life of boredom after having murdered a rapist and embark on a journey of freedom full of new experiences that neither of them has lived before. They find freedom in their friendship.

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4. Good Will Hunting, Gus Van Sant (1997)

Another very popular 90s film . Directed by Gus Van Sant and written between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the film tells the story of several friendships. Perhaps the one who steals the show is that of the protagonist with his therapist, whom he must see after having attacked a police officer.

In his sessions, Will Hunting, a genius with anger problems, will cultivate a friendship with his therapist and they will leave the office to also think about their other friendships and relationships. This movie is an all-time favorite and should be seen on these days when we celebrate friendship. Also it lift your spirits, without a doubt.

5. Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood, (2008)

Starring its director, Gran Torino is Clint Eastwood's last film in which he will appear. It is about the friendship between a bitter old man and an Asian teenager who is a victim of bullying in his neighborhood. The reader can already predict that it is one of those stories in which the young man softens the heart of the old man and gives some meaning back to his life, and he is right, that's right. This, however, with the gravity of a violent neighborhood in an environment in which the boy will have to grow up and with which he will have to deal.

In other of his films Clint Eastwood had already been interested or will be interested in the complexity of friendship between men or in that of a teacher with his disciple, but it is here when he most manages to be dense as well as tender.