Fall Guys: the secret of this successful family game

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Fall Guys is one of the hits of the year. Let's see the reasons why it is so popular.

Still from the trailer for the video game 'Fall Guys'

These are the reasons why this video game has achieved popularity and success. / Photo: YT / IGN

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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Unexpectedly, Fall Guys is becoming a real hit. The medium La Vanguardia highlights that it is the “most viral video game of the moment”, which has managed to sell more than 2 million copies on PC. It became a real phenomenon since it was released recently, something that also happens on the PlayStation 4, which had it for free last month.

Meristation's specialized website highlights that Mediatoni, the studio in charge of the game, announced the incredible number of one and a half million players in just 24 hours. Even this peak of players generated that, at the beginning, the servers were collapsed. All this is thanks to it's novel proposal, which few expected at this time.

Against this background, we decided to find out what are the particularities of a game that, although it seems to maintain some mechanics that we already know, evolves into a sector that we did not think possible. Let's see, then, why this family friendly game is being a real success.

The reasons for the success of Fall Guys

Fall Guys is the current trend in the world of video games. Such is the case that even the soccer player Sergio Agüero wanted to add to this title, something that the BolaVip media highlighted, since, at one point, he scored "the golden goal" to pass the round in a game. So we can see that this is a very popular installment right now.

So the first thing we perceive when we play it is a very childish aesthetic. Through cartoonish characters, vibrant colors and really fun settings, we notice that we are in the presence of a game similar to television challenges. Even prior to its launch, the specialized media Hobbyconsolas highlighted that it is based on programs such as Yellow Humor or Ninja warrior.

However, the most interesting thing is that it is a battle royale ... although different from what we knew in other cases. For example, other hot titles, like Warzone or Fortnite, have a shooting mechanic that might not appeal to everyone. However, here are very basic competitions, where each player must assert their skills.

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The medium El Plural even went so far as to say that it managed to “revolutionize the genre”, thanks to a gameplay that is fresh and fun to be able to laugh. As only one winner can be left , the idea is that you need to survive the five rounds of each of the games, which are based on the randomness of different types of challenges.

Therefore, we are talking about a battle royale that involves the competition of several players with each other, but which, according to the Geek Culture medium, takes it to a much more "comical" scenario. It is also important to say that the gameplay itself is very fun, because there are very crazy physics that make it more and more difficult.

At the same time, we will not always depend on our own abilities to play. Some tests, such as the one to collect eggs or the soccer game, imply that we are in a team (separated by colors). Therefore, if our companions are not better than others, we will surely be eliminated.

Faced with this boom that it caused among fans, the Vandal media mentions that Fall Guys wants "a collaboration with Fortnite", which could be a definitive crossover, since there is talk of two games with similar cartoonish styles, but with very different mechanics, since targets audiences that may also be different.

Finally, faced with such fervor, the specialized website BitMe mentions that the developers are already talking about the possibility of reaching other consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One. It is clear that this game suitable for all audiences came to change everything.