October Special: 5 ghost movies you must watch

Here are our new recommended films for this month

Still from the film 'A Ghost Story' and 'The Others'

For this month, we bring you a special with the best ghost movies. / Photo: YT / A24, YT / Movie Clips

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October arrives tomorrow and with it our recommendations of the month. To celebrate the month of witches, spirits, zombies, and terror in general, we bring you this October special, in which we will recommend different films, not necessarily horror, that revolve around these themes and take them as scenes of incredible stories. This time, to kick off the month and our special, we bring you these five recommended ghost movies.

1. Ghost (1990)

This is a classic of romance, which can also be a classic of fantasy. In this 90s film, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore play a happy couple until he is murdered in Manhattan. After his death he must protect his beloved from various dangers and manages to do so with the help of a mysterious woman who speaks with the dead. Swayze's character then turns into a loving ghost who goes after his beloved, protecting her as a kind of guardian angel.

2. A Ghost Story (2017)

This is also a story about a love ghost. The protagonist of this film dies in a traffic accident and becomes the ghost of the house where he lived with his wife. He tries to console her and have some kind of contact with her but he realizes that time passes differently than it did when he was alive. He will not be able, then, to have the contact he longs for with the living, but he will realize something else while being a ghost.

3. Casper (1995)

Without a doubt, Casper is a classic of ghost stories. It is about this young adult film from 1995 in which a young orphan must help the friendly ghost Casper to get rid of the wealthy heir to the haunted mansion where he and his funny ghost uncles live. This movie is certainly a 90s nostalgic eye feast and start to finish fun thanks to these prankster ghosts.

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4. The Others (2001)

This is a new horror classic. While A Ghost Story is also a horror movie, this one is in a more classic sense. That is, it happens in the semi-darkness, you will be scared a couple of times and you will feel the intrigue of this intelligent plot. Nicole Kidman plays a psycho-rigid and mysterious mother taking care of her children. From a traumatic event that the inhabitants of the mansion they live in hardly speak of, the children seem to see ghosts. She then, in the midst of her worry, decides to ignore the problem, which later cannot be ignored.

5. Ghostbusters (2016)

Instead of recommending the classic from 1984, which you may already know and have seen, we bring you its new version, the one from 2016, in which the ghost hunters are a group of women, some skeptical and others convinced, who will fight the existence of ghosts. It's refreshing that this recent comedy takes the classic Ghostbusters theme and updates it in a fresh new style of humor in which women take center stage.