Subscription soccer failure continues in Colombia

We are going to October and the # LoPagaráSuMadre trend that began in January does not stop giving Colombian fans something to talk about.

Colombian soccer teams

The subscription channel for Colombian soccer has failed in its attempt to attract viewers. / Photo: YT / Win Sports

LatinamericanPost| Juan Manuel Londoño

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Recently, it was announced that Bundesliga matches would be streamed free and live from the OneFootball app. This inevitably made the # LoPagaráSuMadre that seeks to reveal itself against Winsports +, the premium subscription platform of Colombian football, became a trend again.


And it is that hatred before this platform has already been manifested for more than a year, for various reasons. One of them is that, although it now has a price of 20,900 pesos per month, with the option of full HD for 23,900 pesos, it does not have a great impact, because at the beginning this subscription had a price of 29,900 pesos per month. This is an extremely high price to pay to watch football that, let's face it, is not even close to being the best in the world, much more so in a country where the minimum wage is $ 877,803.00 pesos. The comparisons, at the time, were immediate on social networks.


The worst thing about the situation is that they took a convenience that used to come included with the cable payment, such as football, and added an extra price to it. It is difficult to explain to someone who does not know Colombia, but in this country watching football for free was almost taken for granted.

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Although they tried to redeem themselves by lowering the price, as well as offering the channel free to their subscribers for the duration of the quarantine in Colombia, it appears that the popularity of the channel will continue to plummet. Neither do their poor decisions help them, such as broadcasting the first games after 5 months without football only through the subscription channel and not the basic one.


Winsports + has shown that adopting business models from other countries is not enough, companies must take into account their cultural and social context in order to have the support of customers. Accessible football is much more important for a Colombian than for a French.

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