10 creepy blockbuster horror movies you must watch

This list of the most successful horror films will help you know which ones to watch during this confinement by Covid-19 .

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We bring you a list of the best and most successful horror movies that you must see. / Photo: Pixabay

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If you are a lover of horror movies, and you want to take advantage of your free time during quarantine watching the best horror movies of all time, this is the list you need to have. According to Fandango, an American company that sells movie tickets, these are the 10 films that, due to their plot and very terrifying scenes, managed to be among the most successful at the box office in their genre, and they are the ones that without hesitation guarantee the enjoyment of an excellent feature film.

1. It (2017)

This film directed by Andy Muschietti and starring Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise the clown), is based on the novel by Stephen King, and combines horror with drama and thriller. It is characterized by telling a plot in which several children fight against a diabolical entity in the shape of a clown, known as “IT".

For its excellent scenes, it rose as the highest grossing horror movie, grossing $ 701 million dollars, indicating that you will not regret seeing it.



2. I am Legend (2007)

It's another horror movie based on a book, but in this case it's one by Richard Matheson. It stars the renowned actor Will Smith, and it is a science fiction and horror film that captivated a large number of people, thanks to the scenes in which Smith (Robert Neville) must survive against a plague that converts people into blood-hungry mutants. A story that resulted in $ 585 million dollars.



3. Jaws (1975)

Jaws, a film directed by Steven Spielberg that is part of the cinema classics. It's scenes focused on attacks by a huge shark, made it one of the highest-grossing, fetching about $ 470 million dollars. So if you are interested in this kind of movie, you will love this one.



4. It Chapter 2 (2019)

If you liked the first movie on this list, this is a must see too. In 2019 it raised $ 469 million dollars. This was also directed by Andrés Muschietti, and in addition to Skarsgard as Pennywise and the entire cast of the first film, actors Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader participated as protagonists.



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5. The Exorcist (1973)

This film directed by William Friedkin is another film classic that captivated horror movie fans, telling a story full of paranormal situations and deaths that continues to terrify those who see it. For this reason, it managed to be one of the most viewed and successful, which also made a profit of $ 428 million, and is undoubtedly another film that deserves to be seen twice.



6. The Nun (2018)

The feature film of The Nun is a sequel to all the horror films in the franchise "The Conjuring", as their story is connected. But the plot of this one centers on the terrifying appearances of a demonic nun inside a convent. And being so good at suspense and horror, it earned $ 363 million worldwide, and a lot of recognition since its launch.



7. Hannibal (2001)

Hannibal is a sequel film to "The Silence of the Innocents", both starring the famous Anthony Hopkins, with the particularity that despite being a sequel, it managed to be a great success and grossed $ 350 million in box office sales.

According to the synopsis of this film published by SensaCine, it is about a doctor named Hannibal Lecter, who after escaping from jail has tried to avoid being captured again by the authorities, but a survivor of his cannibal attack has wishes of revenge and fights to get it. The interesting plot of this film makes it a good option to watch.



8. A silent place (2018)

This thriller starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt cannot be left out of this list, as it is a film that grossed $ 335 million dollars as the public liked it a lot for its interesting plot.

The story told in this film is chilling, as the noise becomes a threat to the lives of the protagonists and their families. And due to its great success at the box office there is no doubt that seeing it will make your hair stand on end.



9. The Conjuring (2013)

When it comes to scary movies, "The Conjuring" is one of the best known. And it's on the list because this true horror story managed to get $ 317 million dollars, all thanks to its plot of supernatural encounters inside a house, which are documented by two paranormal investigators, named Ed and Lorraine Warren, characters played by the actors. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.



10. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Like the aforementioned movie, The Conjuring 2 was also very successful at the box office, grossing $ 310 million , with a paranormal case in North London, which the Warrens must also solve. If you want to enjoy excellent horror films, these are among the best. 



So if you want to see good and successful horror movies, this list is the one you should keep in mind to live true moments of suspense and fear, in a fun way. And the best thing is that they are movies that you can find on various streaming platforms and even on YouTube, so it will be super easy to watch them.