How To Grow your Business Brand on Instagram?

Instagram can be very important to get more sales and customers, but the key is to do it right.

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Elise Dharma has been an Instagram marketer since 2013. Currently, she works with thousands of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to grow their account and their businesses on Instagram. In an interview with the channel Louise Henry, Dharma clarifies: "I like quality followers, they become real customers. "

The expert shares her top three tips on how to grow your Instagram business account.

Embrace Storytelling Through Instagram Stories

According to CEO magazine, in 2018, more than 400 million people were reported to view their stories every day. Regarding this, Dharma says: "I recommend appearing in your stories three times a day. Ideally, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, that way, you will be on top of the news of your followers throughout the day."

The point is to be authentic so that followers can get to know you better and connect with you. Trust is essential for people to decide to buy.

"One mistake that I see business owners and entrepreneurs make all the time is that they post their Instagram stories without any context," warns Dharma.

The Instagram algorithm loves the "call to action," which means you can get viewers to take action after viewing your story. If your followers click on the external link, the algorithm will reward you for that.

Embrace Selling Via Instagram Direct Messages

According to the expert, there is a widespread belief that to generate sales from Instagram, it is necessary to move people away from the application. The truth is, if you start the conversation with someone on a DM (direct message), then you can cultivate that relationship. Inside the DM, you can share an unlimited number of links, so don't worry about sending people to your website, first create the connection with them.

When interacting with customers, use voice notes: they are faster than writing a message. You can also send a video or an image response.


Accept the Fact that as you Grow, your Commitment will Decrease

The Instagram marketer adds that you will start to see fewer likes or fewer comments, but this is a side effect of growth. As there are more users on the platform every day, there is a lot of competition to draw attention to your publications.

Instagram users care less about the posts in their newsfeed. They spend more time watching Instagram stories and sending direct messages to people.

Focus on where your followers are hanging out: your Instagram stories and direct message threads.

2020 Instagram followers want value and realism. The ways you can give value to your followers: include education, inspiration, and entertainment. If your account can offer one or all of those things, you're delivering free value, and that's one reason for a follower to stick around.

As you start to show yourself more like a real person, you will get more direct messages from people who are resonating with your content and who want to work with you.

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