The players with less prominence within their club

Some footballers seem to feel comfortable off the field of play. Let's look at the most emblematic cases .

Sergio Romero and Manuel Pinto

We tell you which are the footballers who have preferred to avoid the leading role in their teams and remain in the substitution. / Photos: IG / sergioromero, IG / 13pinto

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Can you imagine being a footballer who has little participation in your team? While some request a transfer or assignment to purchase minutes, others seem to be comfortable with this situation. This is what recently happened to the Italian goalkeeper Tomasso Berni, who, according to the BeSoccer media, left Inter "like an idol", after 0 games and 2 reds in 6 years at the club.

Faced with this situation, we decided to find out what are the other cases of footballers who, in one way or another, played little or nothing during their careers or in the most emblematic clubs where they were . That is, those who preferred the “stability” of being substitutes rather than having a leading role in the team.

Sergio Romero

One of the most recent. As mentioned by Olé's specialized sports media, the Argentine goalkeeper continues without continuity within his club, Manchester United. The current coach, Solskjaer, mentioned that the starter, De Gea, is "the best goalkeeper in the world", while the substitute who was loaned, Henderson, as the "future goalkeeper of the team and the English team".

However, it is not something that only happened with the current Norwegian coach. The Argentine goalkeeper arrived at the English club at the end of the 2014-2015 season, after not staying at Monaco in France. Upon arriving at the historic giant of England, few had faith that he would occupy the title ... and that happened, since he played few games at the club, almost always for alternative competitions. 

Matej delac

Another goalkeeper, who, according to the newspaper Diario Popular, was the "eternal substitute for Chelsea." In this case, we are talking about a Bosnian who came to the English club at 17, although he was always in the shadow of great figures, such as Peter Cech, Thibaut Courtois or Wilfredo Caballero.

This caused that, in 7 years during his stay at the club, he had 0 minutes of play. After several loans in small-time equipment, he is currently part of the AC Horsens in Denmark, where he was able to reposition himself to at least have some activity in the field.

Jose Maria Calvo

In this case, we are talking about a player who, despite his few minutes in the xeneize team, managed to be an authorized name within the institution. The medium of El Intransigente reveals that this man won about 12 titles during his stay, although without contributing much in terms of performance.

That is to say, he was part of a really successful cycle for the institution, from his debut in 2000 to 2011 when he was fired . The answer to his eternal substitution was always the same: the great level of Hugo Ibarra, his competitor in the same area, so his performances were conditioned by his partner.

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Jose Manuel Pinto

Barcelona were one of the most successful teams in history. Despite having large squads, there were also players who contributed little on the field of play, as is the case of Spaniard Pinto. The goalkeeper had arrived at the Blaugrana institution in 2008, but he never managed to obtain startership. 

The AS website highlights him as the "eternal substitute" for Barcelona, given that he was always in the shadow of Víctor Valdés, being relegated only for some Copa del Rey matches, where the coaches assigned him startership. In 2014 he finished a cycle with the institution, at the incredible age of 42, after 6 years in the bench. 

Mark Schwarzer

Finally, we have another goalkeeper who did not enter into the plans of the technical directors of his club. This is the Australian Mark Schwarzer, who had a great role in the Premier League during his early years, but as the years passed and his age advanced he decided to play a secondary role in his teams.

According to the Goal website, the goalkeeper managed to be “two-time consecutive champion”, although without playing a single game. This happened in the 2015-2016 season, where, after becoming champion with Chelsea de Mourinho, he decided to be a substitute for Kasper Schmeichel in the unexpected achievement of Leicester City, after which he decided to announce his retirement. There are players who prefer not to have a leading role on their teams.

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