These are the NFL teams spending the most money

These are the American football teams that spend the most money.

Players during an American football game

The NFL reports large movements of money and here we tell you which are the teams with the most expenses. / Photo: Pexels

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In order not to be such a popular league worldwide, the NFL moves huge amounts of money. For this reason, we decided to review the teams that spent the most this season, as well as their current record, to see if this investment was justified. Here they go.

1. Texans- $ 248,644,051

The Texans are the biggest spenders in American football and it seems to have been a bad investment, going 0-4 so far this season, with last place in the AFC South. His current performance has been so disastrous that his head coach, Bill O'Brien, was fired.

2. Eagles- $ 241,306,067

One team doing better (but not by much) is the Eagles, who are currently 1-2 so far this season. His highest-paid players are quarterback Carson Wentz, who will earn $ 18.6 million this season, and star defensive tackle Flecther Cox with $ 23.8 million.


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3. Saints- $ 239,464,955

This New Orleans team for now is the one that most justifies its investment of the first three, with the second position of the NFC South, with two wins and two losses. Although his highest paid player, star quarterback Drew Brees will only receive $ 2 million this year, he has a $ 23 million bonus that will be awarded to him for the remainder of his contract.

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4. Chargers- $ 238,445,902

If the teams on this list have something in common, it is that they are not performing up to the money they spend. The Chargers, for example, have the second worst record here with 1 win and 3 losses, ranking last in the AFC West. His highest paid player at the moment is Joey Bosa with $ 15 million.


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5. Cowboys- $ 237,406,327

This Dallas team has an equally disastrous record as the Chargers, with one win and three losses . And that they owe Dak Prescott, their star quarterback, $ 31 million.


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