Tom Cruise to shoot first movie in space

NASA has allowed SpaceX to take a recording team into space and film for the first time in history outside the planet.

Tom cruise

The SpaceX project already has a free hand to shoot the film in space. / Photo: Flickr / MTV Live

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Tom Cruise is on a "Mission Impossible", because although the film will not be part of this action saga, he will achieve something that until now seemed impossible and that is to record part of a movie in space, since films about space are many but never recorded on location. However, SpaceX and Tom Cruise had been planning this project and were waiting for permission from NASA to use the International Space Station (ISS), which has already approved the project and set October 2021 as an official date where a SpaceX capsule will take the team to the ISS, according to La Vanguardia.

Who directs?

There are still many details to know such as the name of the film and how many scenes could actually be recorded in space, however the project points to an action film that will be financed by Universal Pictures with an estimated budget of 200 million dollars. The direction would be in charge of Doug Liman, known for films such as The Bourne Affair (2002), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) and Jumper (2008), he has also worked with Tom Cruise in the films of Edge of Tomorrow (2014) and Barry Seal: Only in America (2017) . In the same way, Liman would be the main producer for this film and would travel with Tom Cruise to space, according to ABC review.

And why Tom Cruise?

If the 58-year-old American actor stands out in one thing, it is in action movies. The best known of all is the Mission Impossible saga where Cruise has been the main actor in the 6 installments and is already recording the seventh. In addition, Hypertextual reviews that Cruise is also recognized for interpreting risky scenes most of the time without the help of a stuntman, this has caused that, for example, the actor has hung himself from a moving plane for Mission Impossible 5, where the coordinator stuntman Wade Eastwood told CNN that when the idea was planned, Cruise smiled and said it would be "fun", and although he had a safety harness, the actor also preferred not to wear safety glasses because they could prevent the camera from seeing the real fear on his face.

SpaceX and commercialized space

This year SpaceX became the first private company to take astronauts into space in its own capsule called Crew Dragon, which would be the same one that would transport everyone to shoot the film since it has a space limit for 7 people, although the space occupied by recording and production equipment must be taken into account, so there would be less room for passengers. However, this project goes hand in hand with the plans of SpaceX and its owner Elon Musk to take tourists to space and make the outside of planet Earth a place that goes beyond astronauts and research. SpaceX would not be the only company involved in space tourism, since there are other companies that work for the same purpose such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, according to National Geographic.

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International Space Station

#Video Espectacular recorrido por el interior de la Estación Espacial Internacional https://t.co/bOFsoaKOgT pic.twitter.com/DisKrMuJGR

— EL TIEMPO (@ELTIEMPO) November 2, 2016

With the permission of NASA, in October 2021 the journey of SpaceX, Tom Cruise, Doug Liman and all the recording team will begin to the International Space Station, a place destined to carry out research related to space and where 16 countries work together, the ISS is located 390 meters from the atmosphere and has a continuous presence of 6 astronauts according to NASA information, but it has already been visited by 240 people since the beginning of its creation in 1998. 

The space to live and work within the ISS is similar to that of a standard house with 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a gym - in which they must train 2 hours a day to avoid muscle loss - and a 360-degree panoramic window where you can see how the station orbits the entire planet Earth every 90 minutes. NASA has planned to build an annex on the ISS for rest and work purposes, ideal for potential tourists and related to NASA's plans to commercialize space, for this the Axiom company would be in charge of manufacturing this place, which would be ready for 2021 if NASA finishes approving it, according to CNET.