Minimal Stories Collection, a great option to learn about history

This collection of El Colegio de México contains a wide variety of themes, all of which revolve around history .

Cover of the book 'Minimal Stories: Early Globalization'

The Colegio de México launched its collection of works on world histories and events. / Photo: Libros.colmex.mx

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Encyclopedias have long been the meeting point for history buffs, as many of the world's most important events are often summarized. Sometimes there is so much information about a topic that it can be difficult to know where to start when you are new to finding information. For that, El Colegio de México has a collection called Minimum Stories , which includes the most important events of the history of countries, and other topics of cultural relevance.

The support of COLMEX

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the role of El Colegio de México (Colmex) in research in Mexico. It is a center that celebrates 80 years of having been founded by Spanish intellectuals who took refuge in Mexico due to the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent dictatorship of Francisco Franco. These migrants found support from the Mexican government of the time, the contribution of the Spanish to the culture of Mexico from the 40s of the last century until today has been considerable, as detailed by Colmex . Over time, El Colegio de México has become a benchmark for higher education and research in the North American country.

Knowledge at Colmex has been nurtured by the thinking of Spanish migrants who finally settled in Mexico , but also by Mexican academics and from other parts of the world. Thanks to this, the Minimum Stories collection was developed, which guarantees the endorsement of the academic level of the institution in its publications. As El Economista highlights, since 1973 when the Minimum History of Mexico was published, numerous titles have been added to the collection.


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National minimum stories

Among the most prominent titles in this collection, the reader may find some that refer specifically to the history of some countries. Mexico, Uruguay, the Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, Russia, Israel, the United States, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Japan, China, Korea, the Central American countries and the Autonomous Communities of Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia are some of its most important titles, according to the Colmex page.


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Through these books it will be possible to learn about the historical, cultural, social, political and economic processes that shaped each of the countries described. They are perfect for the reader who is just beginning to enter one of these countries as a subject , this will allow him to have an overview from the point of view of prestigious academics of the school. It is also important to note that the titles have been revised with each new publication, so they contain updated information, which makes this collection indispensable.

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At some academic levels in Mexico, the Minimum History of Mexico book has become a classic, which even now has an illustrated and interactive version. If you have a particular interest in the history of Mexico or any other country in the region, these books are the best start, of course they will not include in detail all the historical events that occurred in them, but they will include the most important ones so as to have a global vision. As its title says, you will have minimal knowledge of the history of these countries.


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Art, culture, social issues and even soccer

In addition to the minimal histories of some countries in this collection there are also editions dedicated to topics such as music, Latin American and Spanish literature, law, economics, neoliberalism, slavery, trade unionism, Judaism, the inquisition, globalization, human rights, Cold War , Cuban Revolution, Spanish Civil War, migration and even yoga or soccer in the region. Everything that represents an issue of importance for Latin America, Colmex has been in charge of creating a minimal story to address it. Most of these titles were approached from the Latin American point of view, so they are an interesting reference to understand the various processes that have occurred in the region.

Each title is made up of articles written by various academics that deal with the most relevant topics on each subject. And, as I mentioned before, they are not limited to researchers from Mexico, but from all over the world, being mainly Latin American and Spanish. In this context of a pandemic, the Colegio de México made a large part of these titles in the collection freely available to the public , according to El Economista . If you are in Mexico you can find them in the main bookstores and in the Colmex bookstore, if not, you can find them in their digital versions in the publications section of the institution's website