October Special: Evil Doll Movies

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Frame from the movie 'Annabelle'

This month we bring you the special movies with evil dolls. / Photo: YT / Warner Bros

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We continue with our October special to count the days until Halloween. This time we bring you five horror movie recommendations that revolve around diabolical or evil dolls. So here comes our list of recommended movies for a Halloween marathon once again.

Annabelle (2014)

This is perhaps one of the best known devilish dolls in recent movie history. It's Annabelle, the cursed doll. This film, from 2014, works as a prequel to The Conjuring, already recommended in another of our lists, and shows the origin of the Warrens, a couple of demonologists. Annabelle is a doll that a man gives to his young pregnant wife. With this, a series of paranormal events are unleashed that will displace the young couple. This doll, which exists, has sparked millions of rumors, like the one earlier this year that it had escaped from where it is stored.

Saw (2004)

It is the first of the franchise of the ghoulish game. Although it is not a cursed doll, we have decided to include it in our recommended list because it is not yet a serial killer with delusions of a redeemer (which the other films in the saga will be about), but rather a mysterious character that plays with human lives behind the figure of a doll. Thus, Jigsaw can be read as an evil doll that the protagonist of this film faces, who wakes up in a warehouse together with a corpse and who will have to find a way to escape.

Chucky: The Devil Doll (1988)

The most famous of the diabolical dolls and perhaps it is the one that gives the name to this genre of terror and to the category of this recommended list: Chucky. Of course, he is the one we fear the most and the one with the most movies. This is a doll, acquired by a small boy, who has been possessed by the murderer Charles Lee Ray, who intends to continue with his murderous games this time in the form of a doll. This now-classic 80s horror has inspired an entire movie franchise. Today we recommend its original version, from 1988, but you can also see the last one, from just a year ago.

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The Puppet (2007)

Another hit from James Wan, director of Saw. As if ventriloquist dolls weren't scary enough, this director has made one the protagonist of this horror story. It is about an investigator depressed by the death of his wife who will investigate the legend of the famous murderer and ventriloquist Mary Shaw, all this to realize, of course, that perhaps people should rather fear her dolls. 

Little Warriors (1998)

Finally, we included a non-horror movie on our list of evil dolls. It's Little Warriors, which is more of the child and family genre. From the director of Gremlins and other 80s classics, Joe Dante, this story is about a boy who is involved in a war against toys that have been brought to life by a microchip that gives them the ability to move, think and form an enemy army of him and his family. Ideal for a nightmare-free Halloween.