Best Netflix releases for November

Here's what you can't miss on the streaming giant this coming month .

Frame 'Jingle Jangle' and 'Shawn Mendes: In Wonder'

These are some of the productions that arrive on the platform in November. / Photos: YT / Netflix

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The month of November begins and with it Christmas is approaching. Many of the premieres that Netflix has prepared for this month will be, then, Christmas-themed. Here we show you which ones you can't miss.

The Crown, season 4

Release date: November 15

Genre: series, drama, royalty

Official Netflix Synopsis: In the 1980s, Elizabeth has differences with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Prince Charles begins a rocky marriage to Lady Diana Spencer.

Dash and lily

Release date: November 10

Genre: series, romance, teenager

Netflix Official Synopsis: Opposites attract at Christmas. This is how cynical Dash and sweet Lily send messages and challenges to each other in a red notebook that is passed between them in New York City.

Aunty Donna's Big Ol 'House of Fun

Release date: November 11

Genre: series, comedy, absurd

Netflix Official Synopsis: Australian comedy group Aunty Donna stars in this mix of storytelling and skits about three housemates trying to survive in an absurd world.

Love and anarchy

Release date: November 4

Genre: series, romance, tragicomedy

Official Netflix Synopsis: A married consultant and a young computer specialist indulge in a game of seduction that defies societal norms and makes them reassess their lives.

Operation Merry Christmas

Release date: November 5

Genre: movie, comedy, romance

Official Netflix Synopsis: A strict legislative aide falls in love with a generous pilot as he seeks to shut down his airbase in the tropics and end his inspiring Christmas tradition.

Hillbilly, a rural elegy

Release date: November 24

Genre: movie, drama, family

Netflix Official Synopsis: A Yale law student must return to his rural town, where he reflects on his family history and future. Based on the successful autobiographical work.

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Shawn Mendes in wonder

Release date: November 23

Genre: film, documentary, music

Netflix Official Synopsis: Over the course of his world tour, this documentary follows Shawn Mendes, who opens up about stardom, relationships, and his musical future.

Jingle jangle

Release date: November 13

Genre: movie, musical, children's

Official Netflix synopsis: Years after the betrayal of the apprentice he loved so much, a toy manufacturer regains his smile and hope with the help of his granddaughter, a very curious girl.

Spongebob: to the rescue

Release date: November 5

Genre: movie, animated, comedy

Official Netflix Synopsis: When Gary is caught, SpongeBob and Patrick embark on a crazy mission far away from Bikini Bottom to rescue their faithful snail friend.


Mars, season 2

Release date: November 23

Genre: series, documentary, outer space

Official Netflix Synopsis: The Daedalus astronauts welcome a new team to Mars whose interests are not simply scientific.

Carmel: Who killed María Marta?

Release date: November 5

Genre: film, documentary, crime scene

Official Netflix Synopsis: A woman dies in the bathtub next to a pool of blood. Her husband speculates that she had an accident. But the autopsy tells a very different story.