All about the arrival of Disney + to Latin America

Find out the opening date, available content, price, and technical requirements of the platform that promises a revolution in digital content .

Main poster of the Disney + platform

The platform will be released soon in Latin America and this is what we know so far. / Photo: Disney

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November is here and with it one of the most anticipated digital content platforms in Latin America. Disney +, the subscription streaming service of the eponymous chain, will bring with it titles that could stand up to the companies that today are at the top of the field. In this article, we present everything you need to know so as not to be left behind.

When will Disney + arrive in Latin America?

Disney + has made itself heard about the inauguration date of its digital platform in Latin America. Through a tweet that has given us something to talk about, the company's Latin America department has announced that on November 17, 2020, we will be able to start enjoying its contents. Said posting may have been an error, but not in the information, but in the manner or time of being presented. Anyway, the chain has managed to give the mention a comic tint, thus avoiding the embarrassment of having to erase it.

What content can we see on Disney +?

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the name of Disney is Mickey Mouse and his friends. But we must remember that the company has the rights to many more productions that have been - and continue to be today - a success on the screens. This means that in addition to the children's content that will have the cute animated mouse as the protagonist, we can enjoy many other titles. Giants like Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic are also part of the chain, so we will have access to exclusive content and premieres for the platform.

In an unprecedented event, Disney + will bring together films such as the complete Star Wars saga, the Marvel Universe (MCU), and Pixar children's titles such as Wall-E, or Up, among others. . As for series, Violetta will be one of the attractions for the little ones, as will Junior Express. The National Geographic serial documentaries One Strange Rock, or The Science of the Absurd will also say present on the platform. These are just a few mentions of the extensive offer that subscribers will have available in the ad-free application.

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What will be the cost of Disney + in Latin America?

Although there is no fixed price yet for Disney + in the Latin American region, we can say that its current cost in the United States is 7 dollars per month. With no option to vary the plan, in its only offer Disney + allows up to four simultaneous uses in 4k quality. We can then expect a similar proposal for Latin America once the platform arrives in the region.

What will it take to enjoy Disney +?

Beyond the aforementioned cost, Disney + requirements in Latin America surely do not differ from those demanded by other platforms today. In Windows operating systems, version 7 of it onwards will be sufficient for the browser to support it. For MacOS, version 10.12 and later. According to the official site, it will not be available for smart TV browsers or game consoles. The application can also be downloaded from the Android and iOS stores. The image quality, although Disney + will offer it in 4k, will be limited by the resolution of the screen that we use.