Why did the creators of FIFA receive a millionaire fine?

Electronic Arts received a fine of 10 million dollars by the Dutch justice .

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We tell you the reason why FIFA was fined one million dollars. / Photo: FIFA

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Electronic Arts, or EA as it is known colloquially, received a harsh sanction from the Dutch gambling organization. This body launched its petition to sanction EA in 2019, after conducting an investigation that shows that the loot boxes or lootboxes in this game encourage gambling addiction, especially among minors.

These lootboxes, a common practice in the industry, exist in various versions of FIFA such as the famous FIFA Ultimate Team Packs. They must be purchased with real life money and when opened they give players a series of random footballers, which can be used to compete against other players. FIFA Ultimate Team Packs are one of the company's most profitable products, which raised more than $ 1 trillion in revenue from them last year.

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However, much has been said about the morality of this practice. Some argue that it creates a subconscious addiction to gambling, which is particularly dangerous for minors. What is certain is that there have already been several cases of minors who spend enormous amounts of money without the supervision of their parents. In England, for example, four children spent 550 euros trying to unlock Messi in this game.

It is a problem that is fortunately being recognized as such more and more around the world. It is key that parents are aware that even though their children can play these games, there is a possibility that they will spend large amounts of money on them.

The cynicism of EA, the company that publishes all the great sports games, is evident in this regard. In an official statement after receiving the sanction they commented: "Players around the world have enjoyed FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team mode for many years and as such we are disappointed by this decision and what it may mean for our Dutch community. . We do not believe that our products and services violate the laws of the game. We appeal this decision and seek to avoid a situation that affects the ability of Dutch players to fully experience and enjoy FIFA Ultimate Team. "

For now, EA will have to pay a fine of 250,000 euros per week if it does not remove the lootboxes from FIFA.

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