Wonder Woman 84 release date and other news of the week

Alejandro Sanz announced his virtual concert and Wonder Woman 84 will surprise us at the end of this year.

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Wonder Woman 1984',

These are the most relevant entertainment news of this week. / Photos: YT / Warner Bros. Pictures, IG / vincereffet

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Pop Culture - Birdman Dies

For lovers of extreme sports and fans of aerial photography, this has been a sad week. Vince Reffet, the Jet man renowned for his aerial prowess, lost his life this week in Dubai while training with his Red Bull team for a new event.

"Vince was a talented athlete and a much loved and respected member of our team," said Jetman Dubai.


Cinema - Wonder Woman 84 opens in theaters and the HBO Max system

This week Warner Bros, after several delays due to the covid-19 pandemic, announced that on December 25 there will be the premiere of the most recent film in the DC universe.

"As we navigate these unprecedented times, we have had to be innovative to keep our businesses moving forward as we continue to serve our fans," said Ann Sarnoff, President and CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group.

The premiere for the HBO Max streaming system will be on December 25, while in countries where this platform is not available, it will be released in theaters a week before, on December 16.



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Music - Alejandro Sanz and his virtual concert

The Spanish singer launched his virtual concert this week which will be on December 5, on streaming platforms from Madrid, Spain. According to his organization, the ballots are available from Wednesday, November 18.

Alejandro Sanz has been one of the pioneers in streaming concerts, which augurs a great show on this occasion.

"The best and most important thing about music is to be able to share it with whoever you love the most. Therefore, I need to say goodbye to the year with you. See you on December 5 at a concert via streaming ...", wrote Sanz



Video games - new maps and weapons are coming to Star Wars: Squadrons

While Star Wars: Squadrons is not a live game, it will get more downloadable content this holiday season, including a ship called TIE Defender.

EA reported on its website that the development team will make 2 free updates available to lovers of this game. The DLC or downloadable material that will be released on November 25 brings the Forstar Heaven map, a fan favorite. 

Those who are waiting for the new ships will have to wait until the end of the year, to be able to include a B-Wind bomber for the resistance and on the side of the Republic comes a TIE Defender fighter for the Empire.

Ian Frazier, EA's Creative Director, said "Your enthusiastic support for the squads has allowed us to expand it further in all ways, and I couldn't be more excited."



Books - Marcus Smith II released his book "Bathtime with Rai"

The veteran NFL player released his children's book "Bathtime with Rai." "The book was written for the modern black parents of the world and for the brunette girls of the world, " Smith said at the launch event.

The book celebrates the bond between a father and his daughter, and among other things celebrates the hope, dreams, and incredible love of parents for their children. The athlete, who played for years in the NFL, has said he takes many of his own cues from the late Kobe Bryant's paternity and his love for his four daughters.