The best Kingdom Hearts games

One of the most beloved sagas of recent times has a new installment .

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We bring you a list of the best games in the Kingdom Hearts saga. / Photo: YT / Kingdom Hearts

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The world of video games is huge. Recently, we learned that the Kingdom Hearts saga has a new installment: Melody of Memory, which, for the Vida Extra specialized website, pays "homage to the soundtrack of a lifetime", that is, one of the key fundamentals that explain the success of this saga, which features the most famous Disney characters.

From Infobae's perspective, this new title is not an action role-playing game like those of the main saga, but rather a rhythmic delivery, although with the same gameplay as always. It can even be said that it serves as a "general review" of what happened in the saga since the first installment in 2002.

If we take into account that, for the specialized media of Legion of Players, Kingdom Hearts is a “saga that defined an entire generation”, we decided to review all the titles. So, we evaluate which are the best games in the entire Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004)

A title released exclusively for the Game Boy Advance by Square Enix, which immediately remained in the hearts of fans of the saga. The specialized website of Nintenderos indicates that it is the perfect link between the previous title and what for many is the direct sequel to the saga, since key details are given for the plot.

The title has a fairly long duration, something ideal for RPGs. Although the real-time action is abandoned a bit, the fighting is still really dynamic.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (2010)

Designed for the PlayStation Portable, this title continued the prestige of the kingdom hearts saga. In this case, we have a prequel created to solve the mysteries of the story, but also to add new unknowns through the roles and cameos of Disney.

In this sense, there will be different points of view of the three young Keyblade holders, where they will have to face various dangers. Therefore, it is a delivery in which divisions of the plot can be generated because the gameplay and difficulties are changed depending on the objectives.

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Kingdom hearts

The one that started it all. Released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002, it was quickly adapted for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, due to the success it achieved. From HobbyConsolas they think that, in this first part, we will discover an enormous “charisma” on the part of the characters, which takes us deeply into the adventure.

Kingdom hearts ii

This video game, also developed for the PlayStation 2, was released in 2005 and was also relaunched for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. At 3DJuegos they believe that a successful formula was continued, although it was improved in many ways.

For example, the fact of traveling all the planets, with a final boss in each world, gives it a special touch. For this reason, in MeriStation they consider that it is the "maturity of the franchise", which shows that Kingdom Hearts is one of the most important video game sagas in all of history.