Latin music breaks all records on Spotify

Latin American artists are the most popular on the most important music streaming service on the planet .

Man listening to music on his cell phone in the Spotify application

Latino artists take the lead in popularity on the music streaming platform. / Photo: Pexels

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Spotify is the most used service to listen to music throughout the planet. According to Business Insider, this music platform recently turned 15, and completely changed the market model. That is to say, the possibility of having all the artists gathered in one place, with millions of subscribers awaiting the news.

Looking ahead, they hope to reach 1 billion subscribers, in addition to having direct deals with artists ... especially with Latinos. According to data published by Spotify itself, Latin singers are the most requested within the application itself.

The main exponent is Bad Bunny, who is the most listened to Spanish-speaking artist in the world in 2020. Even his recent album, The last world tour , was also the most listened to work of the year, despite having been released ago little bit. Let's see, then, why Latin music, in all its variants, seems to be the most requested throughout the planet.

The success of Latinos on Spotify

To continue with this Puerto Rican artist, we see that Spotify's annual report published that Bad Bunny alone has had some 8.3 billion listeners. This shows that there is enormous historical relevance for Latin music, since so much music in Spanish has never been consumed, even in territories that do not speak this language.

That is to say, in the past it happened that most of the hits were in English, which led to people who did not speak that language having to find out what the words of the singers meant. However, the trend now seems to be the opposite: Latin American music, with exponents of urban genres, seems to dominate the world scene, revitalizing Spanish.

This trend changed from Spotify's 2019 annual report, where the first three artists consumed on the platform spoke in English: Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande. Currently, the podium is headed by Bad Bunny, Drake (the only one who speaks English) and third appears the Colombian J Balvin.

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In all this there is a common denominator: the urban genre. With an incredible explosion in recent times, Latinos seem to have taken advantage of this momentum that was taking place on a global scale, capitalizing on it with hip hop, trap and mainly reggaeton, which is becoming widespread in all its aspects.

The BBC indicates that this explosion of Latin music, although it can be measured statistically on Spotify, is something that can also be observed in the regions of the planet. For example, bars or nightclubs used to be full of reggaeton and trap , and even in iconic settings, such as Madison Square Garden in New York.

In particular, the United States has a Latin music business that is on the rise , with a profit of $ 285.2 million through paid applications, such as Spotify or Apple Music. The Recording Industry Association of the United States (RIAA) itself reveals that, during this year, total revenues grew by 18.6%, showing that users are increasingly listening to these artists.

What is clear is that Latin music managed to break natural borders, conquering the Anglo-Saxon world thanks to streaming platforms. Hence, applications such as Spotify serve as transmitting vehicles of a new indigenous music culture in our region , making Latin American singers increasingly popular throughout the planet.


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