More of the best Baby Yoda memes

Serious Question: Who doesn't love Baby Yoda? … Me too and that is why I bring you today the best Baby Yoda memes.

LatinAmerican Post | Ricardo Avella

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When The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters in 1980, we got to meet Master Yoda, a little green alien who is powerful whith the Force, moody, strict, and who talks backwards. Yoda was in charge of helping Luke Skywalker become a Jedi.

39 years later in The Mandalorian, we find Baby Yoda, whose name is Grogu, and who has become the favorite character of the Star Wars Universe fans .

For the fans and for Social Media, it will always be Baby Yoda. So to help you start your weekend with a smile, I leave you these memes so you can have fun and share them with your friends.







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