The best Christmas songs

Discover which are the most iconic Christmas songs and have a great time during these holidays

Still from the video clip 'All I Want for Christmas is You'

These are some of the most popular songs for this holiday season. / Photo: YT-Mariah Carey

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Christmas is a special time for everyone, including artists . Recently, we learned that Robbie Williams released Can't Stop Christmas, a song about Christmas and COVID-19, which alluded to the social distancing that this pandemic implied, distancing us from our loved ones.

Of course, this is not the only case . Argentine singer Diego Torres is preparing a "symphonic album with a Christmas spirit", where he will review his famous hits, plus some holiday classics. That is, several of his hits reverted along with some songs in a carol tone.

It is common for singers to dedicate several songs to this special time of the year. Knowing that it is a celebration where music is fundamental, we decided to review the best Christmas-themed songs in existence .

All I Want Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

One of the most curious and iconic songs on this list . Released in 1994, there are different covers by extremely talented artists, such as Miley Cyrus, My Chemical Romance or Justin Bieber. However, it is clear that the original song was a before and after in the Christmas themes.

This song has been a real success, which is why, despite the fact that 25 years have passed, today it continues to sound with the same intensity and captures new generations . He even managed to generate a lot of profits for the singer: it was the most listened to single of all time on Spotify, with more than 600 million reproductions and about 60 million dollars in royalties for the artist.

It is a kind of annual ritual . Every year, at every Christmas, this song starts to skyrocket. In other words, the peak of searches is increasing, where December is the maximum of interest. Hence, it is an iconic and essential theme for these parties.

Thank God It's Christmas - Queen

Published in 1984, it is a mythical song by the British rock band Queen, where Freddie Mercury shines with his voice, as usual. Therefore, we are talking about a single that was not included in any of the albums they have.

In this case, Christmas is absolutely present and even the legacy of this theme continues to be remembered years later. For this reason, from Rock and Pop they mention that, after 35 years, Queen released a new video of Thank God It's Christmas, to celebrate with their fans.

Christmas Lights - Coldplay

A single from the band released in 2010, which also tries to reflect the Christmas spirit while maintaining the essence that is so characteristic of Coldplay . For this reason, the band headed by Chris Martin continues, even 10 years later, with one of the most iconic and representative themes of these parties.

Precisely, to celebrate the tenth birthday of this song, they decided to release it in physical format for the first time . Therefore, those fans of the group will not only celebrate Christmas, but also the anniversary of this beautiful theme.

Copa Glacé - Nathy Peluso

One of the newest, but no less important Christmas hit. Nathy Peluso is one of the greatest exponents of Latin American music in recent times, so, thanks to her integration of different genres, she also decided to release an extremely catchy song that is reminiscent of Christmas in the 60s .

This is the Christmas single inspiration flag, plus a classic jazz style of those years. In addition, the really curious thing is that it was recorded in a single take, something that shows the glamor of the artist, but also her extensive vocal capacity.