Singles' memes for the holidays

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These is the time in which the affection for family, friends and couple is recognized. But there will always be singles and we celebrate them with these memes.

LatinAmerican Post | Ricardo Avella

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We are already at the the end of the year celebrations. Christmas has just passed but we still have the New Year. And while many singles are ready for these occasions, there is no shortage of those who are looking for their "plus one" for these dates, preferably someone who can endure beyond the beginning of the year.

As we know, this is a time to celebrate what we have, rather than regret what we don't, so instead of feeling bitter or even envious of your friends who have a couple, it is better that we focus on the beautiful things in life.

That is why if you find yourself alone in this season and it is not comfortable, we invite you to enjoy these memes and discover why being single during the end of the year holidays is really cool.






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