The best celebrity scandals on social media

The use of social networks can generate some errors that lead to scandals, especially among celebrities. Let's look at the most iconic cases .

Sergio Ramos and Tom Holland

Some celebrities have starred in scandals on social networks and here we remind you of some of them. / Photos: IG-sergioramos, IG-tomholland2013

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Social media is a complex world. This results in errors or controversies. For example, the love triangle allegedly formed by rapper Kanye West, makeup mogul Jeffree Starr and Kim Kardashian is known and widely commented on these days. All these rumors, of course, have been formed from social media.

Against this background, we have brought this compilation of scandals of celebrities on social media.

Sergio Ramos

The current defender of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Soccer Team is one of the best in his position, but his talent does not seem to be related to his use of the social media. Quite the contrary: it is one of those who, habitually, screw up through different platforms, such as Twitter.

His most commented mistake was one that occurred in 2013, when he saw the repetition of the final of the Barcelona World Cup for the women's water polo team, an event that had occurred 24 days ago. However, he decided to congratulate them on Twitter, not knowing that the achievement occurred almost a month ago, which prompted responses from the players themselves, who took it with grace.

David Ferrer

The former Spanish tennis player was one of the most representative players of that sport. However, it also seems that he had some problems with social networks, especially due to his absent-mindedness, which could cost him quite a bit.

In 2013, the Huffington Post mentioned that it ran an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S4, where it mentioned, via Twitter, that it was setting up its phone. However, he did not notice an error: Twitter advises from which operating system the message is sent, so it was made clear that it was being sent from an iPhone.

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Mark Ruffalo

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is very rich in characters, so the probability that the actors will screw up is also higher. This is what happened to Mark Ruffalo, who is known for playing the monstrous Incredible Hulk.

Well, the actor had been invited to the premiere of the movie Thor: Ragnarok, in 2017. He accidentally broadcast the first 10 minutes of this new tape in audio format, so fans could spoil the first parts of the film.

Tom holland

Perhaps one of the best-known cases within the industry, also within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Known for screwing up on more than one occasion, the young talent who plays the popular Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) is loved by fans, although on more than one occasion he has brought a headache to the studio.

In 2017, the actor had made a live video on Instagram because a package from Marvel had arrived. What he did not realize is that the poster for the movie Infinity War was revealed, something that was a secret since the package said "confidential". When he realized his mistake, Tom Holland decided to cut the live video.

Therefore, we see that we can all screw up on social networks on more than one occasion. However, when we have a huge reach, these errors can cause real disasters and huge repercussions on the part of users.