Soccer players who played with their children

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Sometimes, for reasons of age, some soccer players come to play on the same team as their children. Let's see the most curious cases.

Alberto and Mickael Acosta

These players agreed on the court with their children. / Photo: FB-Beto.acosta

LatinAmerican Post | Ariel Cipolla

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Is soccer a matter of age? Well, sometimes, there may be curious cases where older parents continue to play professionally, with children who are taking their first steps in this sport. This is what happened, according to La Nueva, in an even more atypical case of Turkish soccer.

The Ömerlispor, from the amateur league in Mardin, Turkey, reportedly has a grandfather and grandson in their ranks  We are talking about Şükrü Yiğiter, a 57-year-old veteran who is the team captain, who shares a roster with 18-year-old İsmail Demirtaş. Faced with this eccentric panorama, we decided to see the cases in which parents and children shared the pitch in a team.

Rivaldo and Rivaldinho

Rivaldo is one of the greatest cracks that Brazilian soccer had. However, what not everyone knows is that he had a son with whom he shared an official match. According to what Clarín indicates, the former world champion entered the Paulista championship in Brazil in the second half of a 2014 match.

This occurred in the 1-1 draw between Mogi Mirim (the club he chairs) and Piracicaba. There, at 42, he achieved his biggest dream, which is to share a court with his son in an official match. In addition, both managed to score in the same game, being a very celebrated moment by the family.

Alberto and Mickael Acosta

Another of the most striking cases. In this case, we are talking about an Argentine striker who achieved enormous success in his country's football. Mainly, he is one of the most beloved in the Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro, a team in which he managed to win over the fans with goals.

After his time of glory in the 90s, in 2008 he decided to return to activity with Fénix, from Argentina's Primera C. By 2009 he was 42 years old, so he was able to play with his 18-year-old son Mickael, who was also at the club. He achieved the dream he was looking for!

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Christian and Santiago Giménez

Again, we talk about an Argentine, although he is strongly associated with Mexico, due to his enormous time at Cruz Azul. Chaco Giménez managed to play alongside his son Santiago in Liga MX.

This happened in a 2016 friendly match against Pumas, which occurred in Houston, Texas. They even managed to get along in several plays, causing the veteran playmaker father to leave his son hand in hand in front of goalkeeper Alfredo Saldívar, an action that resulted in a maximum penalty. The result? Christian executed the penalty, although it was saved by the rival goalkeeper.

Arnos and Eidur Gudjohnsen

Perhaps Iceland's best-known footballer, but also one of the players we automatically associate with the mighty FC Barcelona jersey. This case is atypical because it did not occur in a club, but in the national team itself, in an international match.

As a tribute, Iceland beat him 3-0 on his visit to Tallinn. As nothing could change too much, the mythical 34-year-old striker saw that the plate with the number 13 appeared for a replacement, since he would be replaced by his own son, Arnor, at 17 years old. Despite the fact that they did not share the field internationally, it was a huge achievement, which shows that soccer can also be played as a family.