The 5 most valuable South American soccer players on the world market

The future and performance of these players have positioned them among the most valuable soccer players in the South American market with millionaire figures .

Neymar Jr, Roberto Firmino and Lautaro Martínez

These are the 5 most valuable South American players on the market. / Photos: IG-neymarjr, IG-roberto_firmino, IG-lautaromartinez

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If something has affected the pandemic in the world of soccer, it is in the savings and financial capacity of the clubs, regardless of their level, they have had significant losses in income for which they had to cut expenses, and this includes signings. Despite the fact that the transfer market was in an inflationary process where many players cost more than 100 million euros, as a result of the economic crisis it has been devalued, making it unsustainable for most teams to pay these figures. Due to this, in general terms, players born before 1998 have decreased their value by 20% while those born after lost it by 10%.

Despite this evaluation, there are still soccer players valued at 100 million euros or more, according to Transfermarkt, a German media specialized in the value and market of soccer. In fact, at present, 11 players have that estimated value, with Kylian Mbappe being the most valuable soccer players on the market, with an estimated price of 180 million euros due to his performance and youth, since he is only 22 years old.

How is the value of a player calculated?

The price of a soccer player depends on several factors such as his previous transfers if he has one, the age of the player, his current performance, regularity and future potential, the physical condition as well as the injury rate, the number of clubs interested in him, his career and experience in professional soccer, popularity and hierarchy, among others. This does not mean that it is your final cost but a reference number in the market, which could decrease in case your contract is close to expiring. On the other hand, the termination clause is not related to the estimated value, since it is only part of a contract signed between the player and the club, so that sometimes the market value may be lower and even higher than the own clause.

A popular case about the importance of these factors in the value of a soccer player can be Gareth Bale, the Welshman had a price of 101 million euros, although he was valued at 60 million. However, more than 7 years later, with recurring injuries and an age of 31, Bale has a current value estimated at 20 million euros, this makes him one of the least valuable soccer players according to Transfermarkt data.

Who are the 5 most valuable South Americans in the market?

A preview: they are all Brazilian or Argentine

5. Lautaro Martínez

The 23-year-old Argentine, owned by Inter Milan, is worth € 70 million for his services as a center forward. Lautaro was signed by the Italian club in 2018 when he paid 25 million euros - its value at that time - to Racing de Argentina, and currently has a contract until 2023. At this time Lautaro has played 107 games with Inter scoring 40 goals and 14 assists, participates in a goal every 128 minutes.

4. Roberto Firmino

Liverpool striker, the 29-year-old Brazilian has a value of 72 million euros and has a contract until 2023. He was bought from TSG Hoffenheim of Germany for 41 million euros - his value was 25 million - and his performance in the English club has 269 meetings in which it has achieved 83 goals and 63 assists, so it participates in a goal every 136 minutes.

3. Lionel Messi

The Argentine star continues among the most valuable even at 33 years of age, and although his contract with FC Barcelona has already expired so he is free, it also has a market value of 80 million euros and has never been transferred before , undoubtedly his value is due to his prestige and career as a professional as well as his performance in the club with 752 games in which he has scored 648 goals -the highest historical figure for a player in the same team- and 284 assists, so participate in a goal every 65 minutes.

2. Allison Becker

The most valuable goalkeeper in South America and second in the world with a current value of 80 million euros, the 28-year-old Brazilian is part of Liverpool after arriving in 2018 from Roma for 62.5 million euros -2.5 million above the value at that time-, he has a contract until 2024 and during his time at the English club he has received 78 goals in 106 games, remaining unbeaten 50 times.

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1. Neymar Jr.

He was the most expensive signing in the history of football and is the second most valuable footballer on the market, the 28-year-old Brazilian has a contract with PSG until 2022 and was acquired by the French club from FC Barcelona after paying his termination clause for 222 million euros, when at that time its value was 100 million, so its value has increased and now it is 128 million euros. In France, he has given a performance of 79 goals and 46 assists in the 97 games played, which generates an average goal participation every 67 minutes.

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