Remembering McGregor's losses

McGregor's latest loss hasn't been the only time the Irishman has tasted defeat

Conor McGregor

McGregor's most recent fight shocked the sports world. / Photo: IG-thenotoriousmma

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The controversial Connor McGregor just suffered one of his first losses at the hands of American Dustin Poirier, who became the first man in UFC history to knock him out. The news shocked the sports world as McGregor, who hadn't fought in over a year up to that point, was supposed to score an easy victory.

His defeat at the hands of Poirier in the second round was, then, a big surprise for everyone, including McGregor himself, who claimed to be "devastated" by the loss. A few days later he declared that "he will console himself with Irish coffee, pancakes and time with his family on a $ 4 million yacht."

In light of this unprecedented event in the UFC, we decided to review the other losses the Irishman has had in his career. Here they go.

Submission loss to Artemij Sitenkov

The Irishman's first major loss came on his featherweight debut. McGregor lost in the 1:10 minute of the first round, after Sitenkov, an unlikely fighter, put him in a leglock with a knee lock. It should be noted that the Irishman had just started his career, he was a teenager, so Sitenkov himself admits that it is not a very big achievement.

Loss by submission to Joe Duffy
McGregor's second major loss came in 2010, to his compatriot, Joe Duffy. Again, McGregor was starting his career, with a 4-2 record, but it was an incredible loss for the young Irishman. Duffy only needed 38 seconds to defeat him, knocking him down with a lock to his leg and then finishing him with a lock that imprisoned him between Duffy and his own arm.

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Submission loss to Nate Díaz

However, Duffy would not be able to lower the spirits of the Irishman, who would not lose again in 15 games until he faced Nate Díaz in 2016. It was an even fight until the second round when Díaz scored a 1-2 hit against McGregor and was drowning him in blows until he tried a desperate submission, which Diaz knew how to reverse for the victory. It would be the highest-profile loss so far in the career of the Irishman, who by that time was already a superstar.

Submission loss to Nurmagomedov

This was a fight that was not so surprising because of its result but because of the controversial showdown that took place outside the ring after the end. But this is not our topic for now. Perhaps the most unequal fight of the Irishman, Nurmagomedov had him against the canvas for 3 rounds, raining blows all over his body, before forcing him to surrender with a neck brace in the fourth.

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