Is a Career in Roofing Right for You?

When you are choosing a career path, the construction sector can be a great choice.

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Not only is it relatively easy to get into compared to other sectors, but it also has high potential for high earnings. Of the many different jobs available in construction, roofing is one of the most popular. But is a career in roofing right for you? This article looks at what working as a roofer usually entails, and what you will need to get onto this career path.

What Is a Roofer?

A roofer is somebody who re-slates and tiles roofs. A roofer can also replace sheeting, cladding, and fit skylight windows too. Roofers usually work on construction sites or at the home or business premises of a client. Wherever there is a roof, a roofer has worked. 

Is Roofing a Profitable Career?

How much a roofer earns usually depends on the construction company that they are working for, or if they are self-employed. If you are considering starting your own roofing business, applying for roofers insurance from Next Insurance is highly recommended.

What Is a Day as a Roofer Like?

Working as a roofer involves working in various different conditions. It is probably not surprising that you are likely to be working at heights and outdoors, open to the elements! Working as a roofer is also physically demanding, as roof tiles are heavy and there is likely to be plenty of crouching, bending over, and carrying materials involved. You are likely to be wearing protective clothing such as a hard hat and using different types of safety equipment.

A typical day working as a roofer may include measuring and cutting different materials, stripping broken slates or tiles from roofs, checking the roof timbers, fitting sheets (usually made of felt) to roofs, applying new cladding, tiles, or slates to the roof, cutting and fitting lead sheets (known as “flashings”) around chimneys, and sealing roof joints using mortar.

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What Do You Need to Become a Roofer?

People who work as roofers usually start out as roofing laborers and take part in on-the-job training until they have obtained a qualification in roofing. To get started on this career path, there are plenty of personal qualities that you will need to have. 

The basic qualities that are absolutely essential to have in order to succeed as a roofer are a decent level of physical fitness and the ability to work at heights (if you suffer from vertigo, this is probably not the career path for you!).

A degree of knowledge about construction, and a keen attention to detail are vital. The ability to work effectively as part of a team and to maintain positive relationships with clients is also needed. Roofing can also be quite stressful, so the ability to stay calm under pressure is also a useful trait to have. 

One of the main benefits of a job in roofing is the social aspect; working closely alongside teammates means that you are likely to form close social bonds and make sure that you are never bored at work!